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Move Into Coherence




Coherence is the quality of integrated wholeness. It is the nature of the universe.

Throughout the biological world, we see order or integration of matter into ever larger and more stable wholes. From sub-atomic particles integrating into atoms, to cells, tissues, organs, systems, and the body as a whole, to the relationships between us and all of the species on our planet. It is clearly evident that “Survival of the Fittest” and contagion are myths. Cooperation, not competition, is our natural way of being, becoming, and belonging.

Pamela has curated therapeutic movements and brain training techniques to help you gently and quickly Move Into Coherence. How do they accomplish this?

When there is coherence in the water, tissues, organs, and systems in our body, there is harmony and integration, and we discover optimal physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing. And, because coherence creates more coherence, resolving our own traumas generates frequencies of healing wavelengths in the quantum field, allowing the possibility for others to evolve as well.

Thank you for joining in, and thank yourself for taking part in the evolution of our species!

Are you feeling ready to Move Into Coherence?


ease in your body

clarity in your mind

balance in your emotions

connection to yourself and others

And all with a sense of humor!

Please read on to choose what path will best support you…


  • Reduce stress in-the-moment
  • Move with ease and comfort
  • Balance emotions
  • Improve brain function


  • Eliminate chronic pain
  • Heal auto-immune syndromes
  • Resolve mental health issues
  • Move past difficult life experiences
K. Hughes

My anxiety was gone after one session and I became more resilient to stress. And now, even a year later, my anxiety is still completely resolved.

Carly Boyce, PhD

2020 required me to reach deep into my reserves and work with my own mind body resiliency. Your tools definitely helped with that!

N. Schatzman

After two sessions, I stopped taking the occasional anxiety medication and after the 4th session, without hesitation, my psychiatrist agreed that I could reduce my dose of anti-depressant. It is now clear to me that I CAN heal myself.

M. Atkinson

After my sessions with Pamela, I have observed significant changes in my mood; I have felt calmer and less reactive. My eating habits have also been affected so that I have engaged less in “emotional eating.” Overall, I have experienced a greater sense of vitality and enhanced creativity from working with her.

R. Stewart

The techniques I learned from Pamela resolved my decades-long recurring back pain.

Thank you for joining in my mission to help people find optimal wellbeing.

Feeling curious? Please join Pamela in this quick 3 1/2-minute version of Heart Coherence and enjoy the sensations in your body!

As a social species, we’re wired to mirror each other.

So, if we feel well, others will too!



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