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For schools (children and faculty), counselors, healthcare workers, and helpers of all sorts


Pamela is happy to design an experiential presentation, which includes motions, around any of the following topics or a combination of two or more.

  • How to Meditate (Without Really Trying)
  • Optimal Wellbeing at Any Age
  • Coherence
  • PTSD and CPTSD prevention and resolution
  • Burnout
  • and others! Please ask.

Would you like one hour? One day? Or a professional training over several days or weeks? Let’s talk about it and choose what will best suit your needs.

Pamela looks forward to sharing time with you!


Pamela’s experiential presentation to 500+ surgeons at the American College of Surgeons 2019 conference was practical and interactive. She was able to provide clarity around the underlying neuropsychological reasons for burnout and offered gentle ways to address precipitating factors in real-time. Engaging the audience with her sense of humor and calm presence, the audience participated in several techniques from her Mindful Motion program. I would highly recommend Pamela to any healthcare groups looking for a heuristic presentation on the topic of burnout.

Dr. Virginia Litle
Thoracic Surgeon

I got so much out of Pamela’s teachings and so did my students. We enjoyed each session with her, and I noticed my students improving in their practice each week. It’s so easy to get swept away by our busy days: I’m happy to have some simple, effective strategies to pause and check in with myself. I find it easy and authentic to practice Pamela’s strategies with my students throughout the school day. Simple movements help us to amplify our energy when we are feeling sluggish, or to calm ourselves when our energy is too big for our classroom.

Ms. Emily Belo
2nd/3rd grade teacher
From elementary school students:

“Putting my hand on my heart and breathing deeply helps me feel calm when I feel scared or nervous, or when I’m dizzy it helps me not be dizzy.”

“Contracting on one side and stretching out on the other helps me wake up my body.”

“When I tap my body, I felt like I was full of electricity and warmth.”

“I liked when she [Pamela] taught us to shake our body because it brought energy. I also like when we would move our bodies back and forth to find our balance [center].”

“When I’m in my bed and trying to fall asleep, getting all scrunched up and then getting really long really helps.”

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