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Meet Move into Coherence Creator & Founder

Pamela Stokes

Pamela synthesized both Somatic Release and Mindful Motion from the healing modalities she used to eliminate her own fibromyalgia. She has presented her work to hundreds of elementary students, nurse trainees, mental health practitioners, and she was honored to present to over 500 surgeons at the American College of Surgeons 2019 conference.


With a background in trauma-informed healing arts, biology, movement, and music, Pamela has created Somatic Release to help you heal deeply, yet gently. And, using the fundamentals of Somatic Release, she has designed Mindful Motion, trauma-informed, mindfulness-through-movement for individuals and groups.


With her caring, focused attention, and abiding curiosity, Pamela gently guides your body and mind to move into coherence and optimal wellbeing.


With over 40 years of teaching experience, Pamela is a compassionate and supportive educator. She brings her joy of teaching to every presentation and training.

K. Hughes

My anxiety was gone after one session and I became more resilient to stress. And now, even a year later, my anxiety is still completely resolved.

Carly Boyce, PhD

2020 required me to reach deep into my reserves and work with my own mind body resiliency. Your tools definitely helped with that!

N. Schatzman

After two sessions, I stopped taking the occasional anxiety medication and after the 4th session, without hesitation, my psychiatrist agreed that I could reduce my dose of anti-depressant. It is now clear to me that I CAN heal myself.

M. Atkinson

After my sessions with Pamela, I have observed significant changes in my mood; I have felt calmer and less reactive. My eating habits have also been affected so that I have engaged less in “emotional eating.” Overall, I have experienced a greater sense of vitality and enhanced creativity from working with her.

R. Stewart

The techniques I learned from Pamela resolved my decades-long recurring back pain.



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