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Hello, friends! And welcome to Move Into Coherence. I’m Pamela Stokes. In today’s episode we will be learning about the different diseases that are associated with aluminum and an easy way to remove that aluminum from our bodies. So let’s get into it.

In last week’s episode we talked about the different sources of aluminum:  foods and colorings and even from the sky. And today we’re going to talk about what happens when we have aluminum in our body and what diseases are associated with that aluminum. This information mainly comes from Christopher Exley’s work, E-X-L-E-Y, and his website Aluminum Research Group. I’ll have links in the show notes. I’m pulling this information from his book, which has been quoted on the website called This is a company that makes bottled water in Europe, and they are advocating for the use of this water that Christopher Exley has discovered helps to pull aluminum out of the body. This list contains many of the diseases that we think of as chronic—oftentimes genetic and perhaps created by a lifestyle—but what has been discovered in Christopher Exley’s research is that aluminum is associated with all of the following. One of the main ones that he has studied quite a bit of is Alzheimer’s Disease. Alzheimer’s is one of the diseases that is very common these days, and it didn’t used to be. My mother, in fact, ended up having Alzheimer’s Disease, and, well, they just labeled it “dementia”, but I’m pretty sure that’s what this was. And it is a very debilitating disease because the aluminum gets in the brain, and the body is trying to basically remove the aluminum, so it sequesters it by pulling it with a white blood cell up into the brain. And then proteins will form around it, and maybe this is an attempt to sequester it, but it could also be that the proteins are getting deformed and electrically-attracted. I’m not really sure the mechanism, but nevertheless these plaques form in the brain. Christopher Exley found not only in Alzheimer’s, but also in Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, and Autism, all of the people that had died with these diseases had aluminum in their brain tissue, and a lot of it. I’ll just go ahead and go down this list. A lot of them I recognize because they are common. Some of them I’m not really sure about, but I’ll list them anyway. He has them ranked from one being the lowest possible association with aluminum and ten being the highest association with aluminum. In other words, there’s really no doubt that aluminum is the cause. Here we go.

Alzheimer’s 10. Parkinson’s, somewhere in the range of 7 to 9. ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease 4 to 6. Dialysis Encephalopathy, which I know relates to when people get dialysis for kidney failure. If they use water that contains aluminum in it, like tap water—most tap water does—then you can have this brain injury and in fact death. So that’s a 10. Multiple Sclerosis, a range from 8 to 10. Epilepsy ranges from 8 to 9. Osteomalacia, which I’m not sure what that is, but that’s a 10. Osteoporosis 4 to 6. Arthritis 6 to 8. Anemia 10. Asthma 7 to 9. COPD, which is a lung issue, 6 to 8. And then we have vaccine-related outcomes:  Myofasciitis, cutaneous lymphoid hyperplasia, and other adverse events following vaccination. Those are all between 8 and 10. Aluminum is used as what’s called an adjuvant in vaccines, as they say, to stimulate the immune system. But if you’ve listened to my episode on viruses, you will understand that we don’t need vaccines at all, and so this is one of the major ways to avoid aluminum. Continuing on the list, we have cancer in the range of 6 to 8. Diabetes, again 6 to 8. We’re not just talking about Diabetes Type 2—onset in adulthood, but Diabetes Type 1 as well. Down’s Syndrome ranges from 5 to 7. Muscular Dystrophy 4 to 6. Obesity 5 to 7. Hyperactivity 5 to 7. Autism 7 to 9. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 7 to 9. Gulf War illness or Gulf War Syndrome 6 to 7. And then we have Crohn’s Disease 7 to 9. Vascular disease and stroke 6 to 8. Fertility and reproduction 7 to 9. Breast cancer 8 to 10. Autoimmune conditions 7 to 9, and immunosuppression 7 to 10. You may have noticed in this list that the majority of what we call chronic illnesses, at least in the US, are in this list. And what that tells me is we have been under the assumption that it was something that we did. It was something that, perhaps the lifestyle. Or it could even have been a genetic thing—there may be a genetic component. And based on the research, based on the findings, this is not the case. There is a lot of new information out right now that is talking about cancer is not a genetic disease, and other things that we maybe have considered to be familial, like familial Alzheimer’s, is also not genetic because it’s related to aluminum.

So what do we do? We drink water that contains silicic acid. This will help to pull the aluminum out of the body. This is based on the findings from Christopher Exley’s work. He’s been studying this for about 40 years now, and what he has found is water that contains silicic acid in the range of at least 30 milligrams per liter, will pull the aluminum out of the body and out through the urine. One of the brands that is very commonly found is called Fiji. It’s not my favorite because it comes in plastic bottles. I’ve also heard about some of their business practices, and I’m not a big fan, so I don’t really want to advocate Fiji, but it is very commonly found in most grocery stores. There is, however, a brand that I really enjoy, and I’ve been drinking it since March, a liter a day, called Castle Rock. And this is bottled in the northwest of the US. And it’s just coming directly out of the ground. It’s not treated in any way, but it contains—naturally contains—a high amount of silicic acid. So this is wonderful water to drink, and it comes in glass bottles, so you may want to look into that and see if it’s available in your area.

That’s what I have for you today on aluminum and all the diseases that are related to it. And I hope that you’ll see that there is something that you can do. There may not be medications for you to take because these are diseases that aren’t caused by an illness. They’re caused by toxicity. There is no safe level of aluminum in the body. The body completely sees aluminum as toxic, and it is neurotoxic, meaning it goes to the brain. Our body pulls it up there. And there’s an easy way to solve this problem.

I’d also like to do a motion today. Last week’s motion we did was called the Human X, and we moved our limbs away from our center. Today we’re going to do the Human X again, and this time we’re going to move our limbs towards the center. Anytime we do motions like this, it’s important to remember to move slowly and also to pay attention. You can have your eyes closed, and that can help you to notice more. We’re noticing the releases. We’re noticing the softening of muscles—the letting go of unnecessary tensions and unneeded efforts. We’ll be doing this motion either on a mat or on a carpeted floor, and we’ll be lying down. So please gently bring yourself to lying, and bring your legs at a 45-degree angle away from center—pretty widely apart. And then your arms are going to be above your head, again at about a 45-degree angle out from your shoulders, so you’re forming the shape of an X. So let’s begin.

You’ll begin by pulling the right leg in from the hip, towards your center, kind of shortening that leg, and then slowly release that leg, as you bring the left leg in towards your center. So we’re just gently pulling that in. You don’t have to go as far as possible. We’re just going to a comfortable place. And then, as that leg is releasing back to neutral, the right arm is going to be moving in towards your center, from the shoulder, as far as is comfortable. And then slowly release that right arm back to neutral, as the left arm comes in towards the body. And then as the left arm is releasing back to neutral, the right leg is being pulled in towards your center. And you may notice your hips move with this, too. Let that happen. As the right leg releases back to neutral, the left leg will be moving in towards your center. And you may notice there’s movement up in your arms. That’s fine too, and let that happen. And then we’ll release the left leg back to neutral, as the right arm pulls in towards the body. And then releasing that right arm slowly out, as the left arm moves in towards your center. And then as the left arm is releasing back to neutral, the right leg is pulling in towards your center. And as the right leg is releasing out, the left leg is moving in towards your center. As the left leg finds its way back to neutral, your right arm moves in towards center. And then as the right arm releases back to neutral, your left arm moves in towards your center, from the shoulder. And as the left arm is releasing back to neutral, the right leg once again comes in towards your center. This is our last cycle. And as the right leg is slowly releasing back to neutral, the left leg comes in towards your center. And you may notice your head moves and your hips move. Let that happen. As your left leg comes back to neutral, your right arm moves in towards the center, from the shoulder. And as the right arm releases back to neutral, your left arm comes in towards center. And, as the left arm comes back to neutral, we can pause here. Allow yourself to take a nice breath, through the nose deep into the lungs. And releasing any efforts, any unnecessary tension, any unneeded efforts. Just let that go. And then we’ll take our time coming into a sitting position and then to standing. And just feel the connection between the arms and the legs, and the hips and the spine, and neck and the head—all of you connected. You could even take a few steps around the room to feel how that feels right now. Feeling your whole self. Thanks for joining in on that.

Today we learned about aluminum and its relationship to many, many common diseases. Things that we maybe thought were genetic or caused by some kind of virus or bacterium or some unknown cause. Well we do know. It’s aluminum. And if you’re wondering where we get this aluminum, please listen to Episode 84 from last week, and you’ll hear about all the different sources of aluminum that are in our world. We also learned how we can deal with this aluminum that’s essentially all around us. It’s in a lot of food products, and drugs, medications, as well as cosmetics. It’s also found in a lot of vaccines because it’s considered to be an adjuvant, which as you remember from the episode on Viruses, we don’t need vaccines. So we can avoid at least that kind of aluminum to be sure. The way that Christopher Exley has found that we easily remove aluminum from the body through the urine, is by drinking water that contains silicic acid. This is a form of silicon, and it is naturally-occurring in some mineral waters. We learned that the brand Fiji contains a good amount, as well as Castle Rock. And my preference is glass bottles, because we’re not getting any of the breakdown of plastic materials in the water. Castle Rock is beautiful water, bottled in glass bottles. Nothing’s added. It’s just natural. And I have found great health benefits from drinking it myself. Just a liter a day. All the rest of the water that you drink can be of the sort that you like, and, hopefully, that’s good clean water. I’ve done a few episodes on water you may want to listen to as well. Thanks for joining in today. And, please, send yourself some appreciation for doing so. This has been Move Into Coherence. I’m Pamela Stokes. Take it easy. ☺️


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