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Hello, friends! And welcome to Move Into Coherence. I’m Pamela Stokes. Today’s episode is Part One of a three-part series on Anxiety. Anxiety is a very common emotion to feel, especially right now as our world seems to be full of things that can create that feeling of anxiousness or anxiety. In today’s episode, I’d like to show you how you can relieve yourself from this anxiety, because if we stay stuck in it, our nervous system thinks that there is a trauma—an active trauma happening right now. So it’s very important for our well-being, for our mind, and our body, so that we can feel great, and so that we can turn down the volume, so to speak, on that trauma response. When we’re stuck in a trauma response, as we’ve talked about many times on these episodes, the trauma response or the trauma reflex just happens. It’s not our fault. But we do have the ability to turn it down—to turn it off—and to get back into what’s called homeostasis. Homeostasis is our body’s ability to maintain all of its functions in proper ways so that we are optimally healthy. So let’s get into it.

Prepare for Tapping
In today’s episode we’re going to be doing a Tapping script. This comes from the practice of EFT Tapping. We’ve done a few of these before, as you’ll see if you look through the episode list. I invite you to please check those out. There are many. The way we begin is by holding an acupoint. There are many acupoints around your body. I find that a comforting one and an easy one is to simply place your hand underneath your collar bones by spreading your thumb away from your fingers and placing your thumb under one collarbone and your fingers under the other, so that your hand is resting against your chest. This is a great easy way to connect with yourself and your acupoints. And then we’ll take three calming breaths through the nose and deep into the lungs. And then we’ll do a repeat-after-me. Thanks for joining in. Let’s get started.



When you think about your anxiety, notice where you feel it in your body.

And give it a rating, 0-10. 10 being the highest or the strongest. Go ahead and place your hand underneath your collarbones so that your thumb is underneath one collarbone and the fingers are underneath the other. And then we’ll begin by taking three calming breaths through the nose and deep into the lungs:  inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale and exhale. And repeat after me, filling in the blank for the place in your body where you feel the anxiety.

Even though I’m holding this anxiety in my _______________, I honor how I feel, and I give my body permission to let it go.

Even though I feel this anxiety in my _______________, I honor how I feel, and I’m open to more ease.

Even though I feel this tension in my body, I accept how I feel, and I soften more and more with every breath.

All this anxiety

All the worry

This tightness in my body

All this anxiety in my ____________

It’s hard to let it go

With everything going on

This is a lot to handle

And I feel it in my body

I recognize the tension in my body

I notice the thoughts I have

That contribute to this tension

Pause here. Now, think about what’s causing the tension—past, present, or future. Notice what comes up. 

Notice the story you tell yourself as to why you feel this tension and anxiety. 

Repeat after me. 


I feel this anxiety because ________________

I feel this anxiety because_________________

I honor what I’ve gone through

Part of me believes

That I can’t find ease until I solve this problem

But it’s hard to see a solution

Through the fog of this anxiety

I’m open to a new way of thinking

I accept this anxiety

I recognize how I feel

And I allow myself to let go

I’m open to the idea

That this can be easier than I thought

I allow this at my own pace

By reminding my body

That I am safe

It is safe to feel ease and comfort

It’s safe to let go

It’s safe to believe

That from this situation good will come

I don’t need to try to do anything

I simply allow it

Ease and comfort is my natural state

I allow a pleasant wave

To cascade over my whole body

I breathe in ease

I allow the muscles in my jaw to soften

I allow tension to leave my body

With every exhale

I let go more and more

All is well

I trust life

Everything is working out for my highest good

Out of this situation only good will come

It is safe to relax into the knowledge

That I am safe

And all is well

Now let’s take a nice breath, in through the nose, small breath in, then a larger breath, and then a Sigh of Relief—mmmmm. Let’s do another one. Inhale small, inhale bigger, and then mmmmm. And notice the tension leaving your body. And notice the old anxiety and tension and give it a new rating. Perhaps it’s gone lower. Continue as needed. Thank you.

It’s Time to Feel OK
That was Anxiety, an EFT Tapping script that you can do anytime that you’re feeling that kind of tension in your body. This is a great practice to do on a regular basis to just simply come back to safety in the body; to feel ease and comfort; and to allow yourself to feel those pleasant sensations. The more we allow ourselves to feel OK, the easier it becomes. Our natural state is one of calm alertness, and we can return to that state anytime we choose. We are in charge. It’s our responsibility to feel OK, and this was one way to do it. Thanks for joining in today, and please check out the next episodes, because there’s going to be more about how we can find easy ways to release the anxiety from our bodies. It’s time to feel OK.

Free Offer and Sign-Off
Thanks for joining in today, and please send yourself some appreciation for doing so. I wanted to remind you that I offer free 45-minute sessions so that you can feel what it feels like to do the practice of Somatic Release. In this podcast, we’ve been doing many mindful motions, and we have touched on a little bit of the Somatic Release practice by doing Pendulation, which was in Episode 67. So if you liked that, if you tried it, there’s more. So please go to my website, and sign up for a free 45-minute Exploratory Session with me, so that we can figure out how to best help you find your best self and to find your optimal well-being. It’s time to do this. It’s time to do this not only for yourself, but because we are all connected through the Quantum Field. Anytime you find comfort and ease in your body, that sends out a signal into the Field, so that others can feel well, too. Thanks for joining in. I appreciate you being here. This has been Move Into Coherence. I’m Pamela Stokes. Take it easy. ☺️

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