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Imagine a child who is scared and struggling with something. A child constantly faced with a parent who criticizes them for not being better. That parent continually shares how disappointed and betrayed they feel because the child isn’t meeting their expectations. We can only imagine what the child is going to grow up to become. Constant criticism doesn’t create an environment where a child can thrive, and the same is true for our body. And yet we criticize our bodies every day. We hope that we can hate our bodies to health. True change begins with self-love and self-care, and a knowing that, no matter how your body feels, you will be there to love and support it. It is time to be a supporting and loving parent to our own body. It’s the longest relationship we’ll have, so let’s make it a good one!

Notice right now how you feel when you think about your relationship with your body. Disappointment, anger, shame, etc, Notice the feeling, and notice where you feel that feeling in your body. Notice how strong this emotion or sensations are, from 0-10.

Take three calming breaths, through the nose and deep into the lungs.

And repeat after me.

Even though I feel like I’m constantly fighting my body, I choose to honor myself and how I feel.

Even though I feel angry and disappointed when I think about my body, I choose to honor myself and how I feel.

Even though I often feel frustrated with my body, I choose to honor myself and how I feel.

This is so unfair
This anger at my body
All this suffering
It feels like my body is attacking itself
How can I love something that causes me so much pain All this anger at my body
This sense of unfairness
This struggle
No one knows what I’m going through
It’s so isolating
My body should be better by now
This shouldn’t be so hard
I’m fighting with my body
I’m trying to fix my body
I criticize my body
Because I want it to be better
But maybe there is another way
This has been so hard
And I honor that

It’s often been heart-breaking
And I acknowledge the struggle
I’ve been doing the best I can
My body has been doing the best it can We’ve been through a lot

And it hasn’t been easy
I honor the journey I’ve been on
And at my own pace
I begin to open up to something new
I think I could love my body
But only if it looks and acts a certain way
All these conditions I put around loving my body

My body deserves my love and care right now

Breathe. Sigh of Relief. 

When my body is struggling
Is when I need my kindness more than ever
I would never get mad at a child for being sick
I would show love and compassion
I begin to show myself that love and compassion

I deserve my own kindness
I deserve to nurture myself
I now begin to work with my body
I am open to communicating with my body Dear Body, I know that you’ve been through a lot And I’ve been so mad at you
I’ve wanted to shut you out
But now I understand
You’ve been trying to get my attention
I am here to listen
Dearest Body, I fully support you
You are not alone
I am here
I am present
I see you for everything you are
And I support you in feeling better
Dearest Body, we are in this together

Dearest Body, thank you for all you do for me


Feel your heartbeat. Feel how your breath expands your chest. Feel the life force. Feel how your body supports you. Feel how you support your body.

Now, focus on your heart as you breathe a little slower and deeper than usual. Feeling gratitude for this new way of being friends with our body. Thank you.

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