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Summary:  Join host Pamela Stokes in this mythbusting episode where we learn there’s a second half to the expression “Jack of All Trades” and we experience an EFT tapping meditation to boost creativity.



  • Did you know there’s a second part to “Jack of all trades”?
  • How to do an EFT tapping meditation
  • The EFT tapping meditation
  • Recap and gratitude




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Hello, friends. And welcome to Move Into Coherence. I’m your host, Pamela Stokes. In today’s mythbusting episode we’re going to bust the expression “Jack of all trades and master of none.” Did you know there’s a second part to this? Most people don’t. And we’ll experience an EFT tapping meditation to boost your creativity. So let’s begin.

Hello, my friends. Pamela here. Thanks for joining me. In today’s mythbusting episode we’re talking about the expression “Jack of all trades and master of none.” Did you know there’s a second part? The second part is, “Though oftentimes better than master of one.” So what it’s really saying to us is it’s actually a good thing to be versatile, to have many trades and skills and things that you’re interested in. With this pandemic that we’ve been experiencing, many of us have had to—and the word that I know is popular to use is “pivot”— many of us have had to pivot in our jobs and careers, and our lives. And going back to the places where we have found the skills that we maybe forgot about. Things that we know how to do. We’ve had to reach back into these places and bring them forward. Sometimes when we go through changes, it really does upset our nervous system, because we are trying something new. And a lot of times people will come out with something new that they want to try, but they’ll feel sort of like a fraud or a fake because they’re not an expert in it; they don’t have a degree. But it’s OK because it doesn’t matter. What really matters is:  are you passionate about it? do you like what you’re doing? in fact, do you love what you’re doing? It was my hope during this time when we’ve been in lockdown and had to go quietly inside of ourselves, or at least encouraged to go inside of ourselves and really reflect on our lives. And do we want to just come back to what’s normal; the usual grind of work and commuting and things like that? Or perhaps open ourselves to the possibility that we could use some of these skills that we have and to be creative. It’s inviting us to reflect on what we’ve done and perhaps move forward in a new direction. So I would encourage all of you listeners to investigate and remember what are the things that you love to do, and perhaps there’s a way that you could turn this into a money-making adventure for yourself. Life’s too short, and it’s very precious. And if we’re just doing the same thing over and over again and not really enjoying ourselves, and looking for distractions on the weekends to feel better, perhaps this is a chance for us to bring forward those trades, those skills that we haven’t really tapped in to. This is called versatility. Versatility allows us to have the possibility of changing our minds and changing what we do; changing our path and finding out something about ourselves—self-discovery. So what I would encourage all of you to do is not just stop at that first half of the expression, “Jack of all trades and master of none” and continue through the whole thing, “though oftentimes better than master of one” and reflect on what it is that you’re good at; what it is that you love to do and practice being yourself in those roles. Try it. Check it out. And what I’d like to do today is an EFT tapping meditation that will allow you to bring that creativity forward and to really feel like there’s a possibility for you to use some of these (maybe hidden for a long time), some of these skills and things that you’re able to do that you love to do.

[05:31] How to do the tapping

The tapping, when we do this, we don’t actually have to tap. We can tap, but it’s also OK to just hold an acupoint. We’ve talked about acupoints before. Remember, these are places on our body that have a higher electrical conductivity than other places nearby. And what it allows us to do is to communicate to our nervous system that all is well when we are saying words that perhaps sound a little harsh. And by having the words at the same time that we’re calming ourselves, we are telling our nervous system these thoughts don’t have any power over us and we don’t have to react to them. So when we do this, I’d like you to choose a place where you would like to hold an acupoint, and there are many. One of my favorites is right below the collarbones and then you can spread your hand and place your hand over those two points. So you’re connecting with your heart. You’re connecting with the two acupoints right below your collarbones. It’s a really nice place to hold. So when we hold here, we could also tap our fingers both at the same time or alternating, but holding there is just as fine. And we will start by bringing up something that perhaps is challenging for you to imagine—doing and creating. And by doing that we are bringing up a feeling, an emotion, that may be a little bit challenging for you. But again, by having our hand there on those acupoints, we’ll be able to calm the nervous system while we’re speaking these words. So I will be saying some phrases and then I would invite you to either repeat them out loud or in your mind. And be in a comfortable position—could be sitting or standing or even lying down. 

[07:40] The Tapping Meditation to boost creativity

So let’s begin. Go ahead and focus on how disconnected you feel from your creativity. And give it a rating, 0 to 10. Zero being the least strong, 10 being the strongest. Begin by taking three calming breaths through the nose and deep into the lungs. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. And then place your hand over some acupoints on your body. And repeat after me, either in your mind or out loud.

Even though I don’t feel creative at all, just bone dry, without a creative bone in my body, I love myself and I accept how I feel. Even though I’m totally uncreative right now, just feeling so dry and so flat, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. Even though I really don’t feel like I have any creativity in me right now, it’s all dried up, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. I just don’t feel creative at all, I feel dull and flat. I’m just not creative right now. There’s no creativity in me right now. I’m just not a creative person right now. I feel so disconnected from that part of myself. What if it’s gone? Maybe it vanished? I’m so uncreative right now. Everything feels so dull and flat. So dry and boring. I miss that spark, that energy I get when ideas are flowing. I miss feeling creative. I hate feeling so disconnected from my creativity. It’s depressing not feeling creative. I really miss my creativity. Maybe it’s still there. Maybe it’s just hiding behind all this stress I’m feeling right now. All this pressure I’m feeling to be creative, maybe it’s actually blocking my creativity. I don’t like all this pressure I’m feeling to be creative. Maybe that’s what’s preventing me from feeling creative. Maybe if I can let go of this pressure I’m feeling, releasing this pressure and stress right now, allowing myself to feel more open. Releasing my stress now. I can just relax into my creativity. I can just let it flow. The more I relax, the more my creativity can flow. I can be creative anytime. I can release stress and reconnect to my creativity. Letting all of my stress go now. Opening myself up to new ideas and new ways of doing things. Creativity is an adventure, and I can open myself to it at anytime. I can be creative whenever I choose to be. I can relax and let my creativity flow. The more I relax the better my creativity flows. Allowing my creativity to flow openly now. I don’t need to judge myself anymore. I can release the need to judge my creativity and just let it flow. It’s OK if it’s a little wild sometimes. I can just let it be what it is. It doesn’t have to be perfect right away. I can just be open to creativity and its many forms. Allowing myself to relax and to reconnect to my creativity now. And let’s take a nice breath here, in through the nose and deep into the lungs. And now, notice how you feel. What’s shifted? Give it another rating, 0-10. How connected you feel to your creativity. And if you’re still feeling a little disconnected, you can continue and repeat this. And, remember, creativity thrives on fun and relaxation. So you can have fun while you release the blocks!

[16:13] Recap, course offering, and gratitude

So that’s what I have for you today. Remember, the expression doesn’t just stop at the end of, “Jack of all trades but master of none”, it continues, “though oftentimes better than master of one.” So go with your skills, go with your trades, those things that you enjoy doing. And see if there’s a possibility to invite more creativity, to invite more possibilities for how you move forward in your life and enjoy yourself in the process. Thanks for joining in today and send yourself some appreciation for doing so. This has been Move Into Coherence. You can find out more at I do have an online course. It’s a hybrid course, which includes a lot of lessons including a lot of the motions that we’ve been doing on this podcast. As well there are three private sessions with me. I’d love to meet you and see what we can do together. I’d also like to take a moment to thank all of you listeners and viewers for taking the time to take care of yourselves and to feel better to find these simple ways that we’ve been learning here in this show to help yourself. And I hope that you’ll be sharing with other people around you. It is my mission to help people know that there are ways that they can feel OK and it’s important to feel OK. It helps us move through our lives with ease and comfort and that’s a good thing! So thank you so much for being part of this with me. I really do appreciate it. I’m Pamela Stokes. Take it easy! 

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