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Hello! And welcome to Move Into Coherence. I’m your host, Pamela Stokes. Today we’re going to be starting a three-part series on depression. We just did three parts on anxiety, so I felt it was right to do depression as well. We’re going to begin with an EFT Tapping script. So let’s get into it.

Depression is a state of mind. It’s just a state of being. It’s not who we are. It doesn’t define us. It’s just something that happens, and it could be because of a particular reason or a situation, but oftentimes it’s the little voice inside of us that’s being kind of mean and not really treating us fairly. Today we’re going to be doing an EFT Tapping script that allows us to say all those things that probably are being said inside of our mind anyway, and, at the same time, we’re tapping on the end points of meridians. What this does is it lets us feel calm around these particular thoughts so that they lose their power. And this is one way to help us shift out of this negative state of mind. Remember, you don’t have depression. Depression is just a state of mind, and we can do something about it. We have a choice. So thanks for joining in today, and I hope you enjoy this.

We’re going to be using several different tapping points, and I’m going to go through those first, so that you know where they are. And then, as we go through the script, I’ll remind you where to tap. If this is comfortable for you, join in by using all the tapping points. However, if you get tired of it and just wanna stay on one, that’s fine too. Whatever feels right for you. We’re tapping gently. It’s not as though we need to tap harder to get it in there. We’re tapping gently so that we can simply calm our nervous system around these particular thoughts and phrases. We’re going to begin by using a setup phrase that starts out with the words even though I, and when we do this part we’ll repeat it three times. We’re going to be tapping below the pinky on the side of the hand. Some people call this the “karate chop point”, for obvious reasons. And then after that we’ll be going through the standard EFT protocol for the tapping points. We’ll begin on the crown of the head—just a few fingers tapping gently. And then we’ll move to the space between the eyebrows. And then we’ll tap on the side of the eye, on the bone just below where the eyebrow ends. And you can do this on both eyes or just one. And then underneath the eye—again on the bone that surrounds the eyeball. And we’re doing this in line with the pupil. And then we’ll move to the space underneath your nose. Tapping gently there. And then we’ll move underneath the lips. There’s a crease on your chin, and that’s where we’re aiming. And then we’ll move to about a finger’s-width below the collar bones—tapping there. And then we’ll move to one-hand’s-width below the armpit, on the side of the body. Again, you can use one hand or both hands for any of these points—tapping gently. So let’s begin.


Begin by checking in with yourself, and feel into the sensations of depression, and give it a rating of how strong it feels from zero to 10, with 10 being the strongest. And now we’ll take three calming breaths, through the nose and deep into the lungs:  inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale and exhale. And repeat after me, using the tapping points we’ve gone over.

Beginning with the side of the hand: Even though I am so depressed right now, I can’t stop beating myself up, I feel like I deserve it, I choose to deeply and completely accept how I feel.

Even though I am so depressed right now, I can’t stop beating myself up, I feel like I deserve it, I choose to deeply and completely love myself anyway.

Even though I’m so depressed right now, I can’t stop beating myself up, I feel like I deserve it, I choose to deeply and completely accept how I feel.

Top of the head:  I’m so depressed right now

Between the eyebrows:  I feel terrible about myself

Side of the eye: I can’t think of anything nice to say about myself

Under the eye:  All I can focus on are negative things

Under the nose:  All I see is what’s going wrong

Under the lips:  I mean, look at my life, it’s obvious things aren’t going well

Collarbones:  I don’t know how to fix it

Under the arm:  I’ve tried, but it doesn’t work

Top of the head:  I’m full of shame

Between the eyebrows:  I feel so inadequate

Side of the eye:  I feel like I’m failing in every way

Under the eye: I don’t have nice things to say about myself

Under the nose:  I have only criticism

Under the lips:  I don’t know how to get out of this rut

Collarbones:  Sometimes I can, for a little while

Under the arm:  Then the darkness just comes right back in

Top of the head:  How do I change these feelings

Between the eyebrows:  How do I shift this depression

Side of the eye:  I acknowledge everything that I’m feeling right now

Under the eye:  Up until now, I have been resisting accepting my situation

Under the nose:  And this resistance is manifested

Under the lips:  by the criticism I have for myself

Collarbones:  the fact that I’m beating myself up

Under the arm:  Indicates that I am not accepting what is

Top of the head:  And that I am pouring judgment on myself, like crazy

Between the eyebrows:  This isn’t working

Side of the eye:  It’s only further deepening the depression

Under the eye:  I can’t stay living like this

Under the nose:  I can’t stay in this place

Under the lips:  There’s no joy in my life right now

Collarbones:  I don’t want to live like this

Under the arm:  So I’m going to turn this around

Top of the head:  I allow myself to see the situation for what it is

Between the eyebrows:  As hard and as painful as it may be

Side of the eye:  Even though it’s not what I want to be happening right now

Under the eye:  I look at the situation for what it is

Let’s pause here, and take a nice breath, in through the nose deep into the lungs, and a nice slow exhale.

Under the nose:  I look at the situation for what it is

Under the lips:  I allow whatever feelings arise when I do that

Collarbones:  I welcome the sadness, anger, disappointment

Under the arm:  Or other feelings to come up

Top of the head:  I have been given this challenge

Between the eyebrows:  For the expansion of my consciousness

Side of the eye:  I have been given this challenge

Under the eye:  So that I can grow and learn

Under the nose:  And it is not easy

Under the lips:  I am dealing with some really difficult things right now

Collarbones:  So I’m not going to judge myself further

Under the arm:  Instead, I’m going to have compassion for myself

Top of the head:  I’m going to begin to be kind to myself

Between the eyebrows:  I’m going to begin to accept the situation

Side of the eye:  And to do the best that I can with what’s going on

Under the eye:  It won’t always be this way

Under the nose:  This will move and change

Under the lips:  This too will pass

Collarbones:  But while I’m dealing with it

Under the arm:  I’m going to stop beating myself up

Top of the head:  Because I don’t deserve that

Between the eyebrows:  I deserve to treat myself with kindness

Side of the eye:  I deserve to be loving towards myself

Under the eye:  It’s OK to be nice to myself

Under the nose:  In fact, it’s necessary

Under the lips:  To help me move through it

Collarbones:  There’s no longer any payoff

Under the arm:  For being mean to myself

Top of the head:  That will only weigh me down

Between the eyebrows:  And that clearly has not worked

Side of the eye:  I approve of myself

Under the eye:  And I accept myself

Under the nose:  And I will get through this

Under the lips:  And I will be stronger by the end of it

Collarbones:  I approve of myself

Under the arms:  And I accept myself

And let’s do a Sigh of Relief here:  a small breath in through the nose, a larger breath in, and then with mouth closed—mmmmm. And to allow the subconscious mind to join in on this, and to really make this shift for us, let’s do a brief Heart Coherence. Place your hand over your heart, and feel into your heart, and allow your breath to slow down and deepen—a little slower and a little deeper than usual—and imagine the breath flowing in and out of your heart. (3 complete breath cycles). And then relax your hand. The subconscious mind says yes to this change. And now, go ahead and check in with yourself again, and give yourself a rating on how strong it feels—that feeling of depression—and perhaps it has lowered. Continue as needed. Thank you.

Thanks for joining in on that tapping script. If you notice that the number has increased, don’t be alarmed. What that means is that we’re right on target, so repeat the script again. Maybe you’ll need to change some of the words because they don’t feel quite true to you. You might need to change them just a little, and that can really help narrow it down, and get in there and get that nervous system calmed around these particular thoughts. Having these thoughts in your mind again and again is kind of like having a text message sent to you every five seconds that says something not very kind. And that’s not great for our nervous system. It’s not great for our mindset, and that’s why we’re doing this script. So that we can get the nervous system to calm down around these thoughts that maybe are repeating, so that they lose their power. Remember, depression is just a state of mind. It’s not who you are. It doesn’t define you. And we certainly don’t need medication. We just need to find ways to shift ourselves out, and EFT is one of those ways. Stick around for the next couple of episodes, and you’ll learn another kind of way to release the body from the depression, or the feeling of depression.

And just a quick reminder that I have a free 45-minute session available for you at your convenience. So check out my website: and sign-up for a free exploratory session, where I will describe for you the techniques of Somatic Release. And you’ll get to experience what Somatic Release feels like. This is a great way for you to get an introduction to the process, and, with my guidance, together we can figure out ways to help you find your optimal well-being in your mind, in your body, your spirit. It’s time. It’s time for us to take charge and be responsible for ourselves and how we feel. We’re the only ones that know what’s really going on in there, and we are the best primary caregivers that we can have. Do yourself a favor. Sign up for that free session, and let’s get started. I look forward to meeting you. Thanks for joining in today, and please send yourself some appreciation for doing so. This has been Move Into Coherence. I’m Pamela Stokes. Take it easy. ☺️

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