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Hello, friends! And welcome to Move Into Coherence. I’m Pamela Stokes. Today is the second episode of our 3-part series on Depression. In this episode we will be learning a motion that will help us to feel more here—present on the planet—like we belong. As well as feeling more of our power—our ability to handle whatever life brings us. And to enjoy our lives fully. This is a powerful motion, and I’m very pleased to introduce it to you today, so thanks for joining in!

I’d like to begin by talking about something called “learned helplessness”. This is a process that is oftentimes caused by something we call “drip trauma”. And this isn’t like there’s a big event—one big event—that makes it a traumatic event and we go into the trauma reflex. It’s more that we have small events, little things that happen. Maybe words or phrases that were said to us; maybe teasing, maybe. Perhaps people being kind of mean to us. Bullied, you know, we could be bullied. Or this could just simply be that perhaps the people that were there to provide care for you as a child, were not very good at complimenting, and they expected a lot from you and you were never good enough, and just couldn’t do anything right. Those kinds of things adding up together, can cause what we call “learned helplessness”. And, basically, it’s as if we don’t have our power. It’s almost as if we don’t exist. These feelings, and the sensations that go with these feelings, can result in the expression of depression.

Something else that can cause the feeling of learned helplessness, which can lead to depression, is being born by Cesarian section. And there’s a reason for this. As the baby is passing through the birth canal, there is a big squeeze. And this sets up a reflex for the baby to push against the uterus wall and come on out. So, if there isn’t that big squeeze and the push (the baby actually does the pushing with the feet up against the uterine wall), if those processes are not felt in the body, oftentimes people who are born Cesarian, can feel like they aren’t really here—that they just don’t belong; that they’re not part of the human race on planet Earth. They feel kind of lost.

Another thing that can result in this feeling of “not really being here” or not feeling like we belong, can come from if our mother has had a previous miscarriage just before our gestation. If there was a miscarriage, or a stillbirth, the mother has the readiness to give birth and have a baby, and then it doesn’t happen, so there is a whole loss that happens, the emotions that come from that. And the mother can be very despondent—very sad. And then if that mother gets pregnant again, immediately following a miscarriage or a stillbirth, that next child will get this worry of the mother—you know, is it going to happen again—so there’s hormones building up inside the amniotic fluid and the baby is swimming in that. Or maybe the mother is sad and despondent, and I couldn’t do it last time, and there’s some self-doubt and things like that. So these emotions, and the hormones that go with them, will come into the body of the gestating fetus. This can also explain why someone might feel we don’t really belong here, and we’re not part of this whole Planet Earth “thing”. And so that can explain some of this feeling of feeling powerless and helpless.


Let’s do a motion that’s gonna shift all of that and help us feel really that we are part of humanity; we are here on the planet; we exist; and we have power and strength. And we can feel that. We can let ourselves feel all of that, because everything that has happened, already has happened, and now we have the chance to move forward from here. This is a choice that we get to make. We don’t need to stay stuck in the old way of being; the old way of feeling. And now that we have some understanding, we can shift out of this. We can move forward with a new perspective and a whole new sense of being here, belonging, feeling at home, and ready to really enjoy our lives. So if you’ve been feeling that it’s hard to find joy—it’s hard to imagine that there could be joy for you—try this motion and let’s see what happens. Maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I would love it.

So, please, come to standing. And we’ll just begin by having your feet about shoulder-width apart, just right underneath you. And we’re just going to feel the feet on the floor and feel the floor against the feet. Let’s just start here with some sensing. And you could wiggle your toes. And you could roll your feet—roll forward into your balls of your feet. And you could roll back a little bit into the heels. Just really feel a sense of here are my feet on the floor and the floor against my feet. And now, we’re going to use our imagination, and we’re going to imagine that our legs are growing longer and longer. What’s great about the brain is it doesn’t know the difference between imagined and real. And so, if you can imagine it, the brain thinks it’s real. So let’s go ahead and try this. Imagine that your legs are growing longer and longer. And they’re growing down through the floor. They’re growing down through the foundation of the building that you’re in. They’re growing down through the soil and through the entire crust of the earth. They’re growing longer and longer—all the way through the mantle and into the core of the earth. As we feel our legs grow long like this, we can feel a sense of connection to the earth. And now, let’s move with these long legs. Just take one step at a time, and feel that long leg reaching all the way to the core of the earth. And take another step. And again, feel the long leg reaching down to the core of the earth. And you can walk around the room with this sense of these long legs reaching down into the core of the earth. And you’re allowing yourself to feel strong. You’re allowing yourself to feel connected. Powerful. Mighty. As if you were part of the planet—not just standing here being held up. You’re making yourself connected to the planet. Enjoy the walking around with these long legs. I kind of like to make a sound effect as you take a step:  Boom. Boom. Boom, like this. So you can really feel the weightiness of those long legs connected to the earth—and to the center of the earth. (Continue walking with your long legs for a few more steps.)

And now pause. And, just standing there, noticing your feet again. And you could wiggle your toes and maybe roll again into the balls of the feet and roll back into the heels. Maybe shift side to side a little bit and just really feel your feet there—present, right under you—knowing that the earth is supporting you; the earth is there for you; and you are part of it. And you could even say some words as you’re doing this, and you can practice this more for yourself. And you could say some words like I’m connected. I’m part of this planet. I am here. And really let yourself feel that.

In today’s episode, we learned about something called learned helplessness, which can come from a process we call drip trauma, which is just and accumulation of small little things that maybe didn’t seem like a big deal, but adding up over a lifetime, we can end up feeling pretty bad—pretty low—and have a lot of self-doubt. And this can lead to the feeling of depression. We also talked about how being born Cesarian can make it so that we feel that we don’t really belong here—that we’re not really home. And doing this motion, today’s motion, can really help bring us home and feel connected. We also learned that the same feeling can come about if our mother has had a miscarriage in the pregnancy just before the one that made us. Or a stillbirth. Because in the uterus, there are still the memories of what happened before. And the hormones and the emotions of your mother can really influence how you gestate. So, again, trying this motion can really give you a new perspective—you do exist; you are part of the planet; you do belong; you are home; and you have power, because you are connected to the powerful earth, which has a ton of energy—so much energy. You’re collecting that as you take these giant steps with your long, long legs.

I also wanted to mention a few episodes that may be helpful for you, with regard to getting a sense of being more present in the body. There’s one in Episode 8, called Find Your Body. And that is a motion you can try. Episode 8 is “ACE’s and Adult Health”. And you could also try the EFT Tapping script for “Get in Your Body”, which is from Episode 9: “Relationships Begin Within”. And also, you could try Episode 60, which is “Sound and Our Body”. And, this is a nice one because it just gives us the ability to say I Am. And, as we’re learning about learned helplessness and not really feeling like we ARE, if we do this sounding, we can give ourselves and opportunity to feel the truth of our existence. I AM! Please check those out and try the motions, and maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I would love that.

I also want to remind you that I have 45-minute sessions that are FREE that you can try the processes that we do here on the podcast, but also other things that are not included in these episodes. And the issues that you can resolve using these techniques, these somatic techniques where we’re creating awareness of our body and allowing ourselves to be free of limiting thoughts and beliefs. And really being our own primary healthcare provider, so that we can get off medications that we’re on. Or maybe you’ve been disappointed by the allopathic medicine, and you’re ready to try something new. Or perhaps you just know that you have not been living your life fully and you’re ready to optimize. And that is something that all of us can find for ourselves. That freedom to fully express ourselves. To be fully present here on the planet. Right now there’s a big shift that seems to be happening, where more awareness of, maybe, things weren’t what you thought they were. And so these revelations or these truths that are coming out maybe are creating a little bit of, you know, what’s going on?-kind of confusion. And these somatic movements and these practices that we do in Somatic Release, can really help us to step up into that place of Yes, I’m worth it. Yes, I have value. And Yes, I’m ready to create and to help this planet see a new way of being. It’s our responsibility. We are creating the outcome of what’s going on. We don’t have to just take it. We can step up into our power of creating and make this place the way we want it to be. Please visit and sign up for your free 45-minute session with me, and let’s see what we can find for you and discover your optimal wellbeing, and how what you feel affects the Field. It affects all of us. So, it’s time for us to start feeling ok and to share that good feeling around the planet. Thanks for joining in.

Thanks for joining in today, and please send yourself some appreciation for doing so. This has been Move Into Coherence. I’m Pamela Stokes. Take it easy. ☺️

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