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Hello, friends! And welcome to Move Into Coherence. I’m Pamela Stokes. In today’s episode we’ll be talking about Grounding. Another name for this is Earthing, and it’s available to all of us for free, anytime we choose. So let’s get into it.

Our bodies conduct electricity, and the earth does as well. When two bodies that have different electrical potentials touch each other, there’s virtually an instantaneous transfer of charge, so that the two objects equilibrate to the same electrical potential. Basically, what that means is when we touch the earth, we become more like the earth—negatively charged and healthy. There are a couple of films that I’d like you to check out. One is called “The Grounded” and the other one is called “The Earthing Movie”. Both of these are very helpful to understand what to do and how to do it and also the science behind it. There have been many studies that show that earthing or grounding in this way, can lead to a reduction in inflammation. Inflammation is a natural process that our body does so that we can remove toxins. However, if we continue on a path of inflammation, it becomes chronic, and this is where autoimmunity can come about, which, I have to say, is a different perspective than I have these days—that our body is not attacking us, our body’s trying to help us. And so, by calling it autoimmune, it sounds as though our body is wreaking havoc and causing problems, but essentially what the body’s trying to do is to recover from any kind of negative input, such as working around computers and other devices that have strong electromagnetic fields, such as our phones. By practicing grounding or earthing we can change our charge. We can become more negatively charged and turn off this process of inflammation.

The way that the earth becomes negatively charged is as follows. The sun sends out a bunch of energy. It passes through what’s called the ionosphere, which is the area around the earth, and it changes the charges in the ionosphere by breaking molecules apart. And when those charges increase in the ionosphere, they have to go somewhere, so they discharge in the form of lightning. There are thousands of lightning strikes every minute on planet earth, so this discharge is happening all the time. As the ionosphere discharges and the lightning comes down, the earth gains a negative charge. When we stand on the earth, then, we become negatively charged as well. And, in essence, we are absorbing the energy indirectly from the sun–it’s kind of cool. Some of the people that have studied earthing or grounding are Dr. James Oschman—O-S-C-H-M-A-N. He is a electrical or electronic biologist. And another person is Clint Ober, who is an electrical engineer, and there are others. Many scientific studies have been conducted about grounding and using this process of earthing, that have shown that by reducing inflammation, blood flow increases, red blood cells easily begin to move through the blood vessels. We can decrease blood pressure, and we can allow more things to move around in our bodies more easily, when we get rid of this inflammation.

The easiest way to do this process to ground or earth, is to stand on the earth with bare feet. And when I say stand on the earth, we’re talking about soil, or grass, or sand. But if there’s some moisture there, that will really make all the difference. If it’s very, very dry soil, you may not get much grounding. If there’s some moisture in the soil, that is going to help a lot, because water also moves electrical charges around. Basically, what we’re creating are antioxidants, and you may have heard of these before. We can get these from our food, but we can also get them just by standing on the earth in a natural process. One of the things that Clint Ober noticed was early on in the days of early television, that when the wires are not grounded, you get static on the TV. When you ground the wires, now the TV has a clear image. So we can kind of think of this in the same way that if we’re not grounded, there’s a lot of static. And that’s, I think, a pretty easy analogy to understand.

One of the things that people have experienced when they first try to do this, is that they might not feel well. And this can be explained because, as the inflammation decreases, more of the toxic material that may have been in the cells or around the cells, is able to flow and maybe move into areas where there’s a problem—that becomes a problem—and so now we have toxicity increase. So my suggestion is that you try this process for just a few minutes the first time, and, if that feels good to you, the next time you try it, try a few more minutes and just to see if your body can easily take this new charge on.

Now, there are products out there that you can use where you plug them into the ground of the outlet, which is the bottom one. If you’ve got a three prong outlet, the bottom one is the grounding part. But I’ve also seen some information that says now this isn’t really pure, because you’re going through the electrical wires of the house, and it may not be the best source. Ideally, there are some grounding mats that the wire goes outside of the house and a metal rod is pushed into the soil. And this is a direct connection to earth, so that is purely grounding, not through the electrical wires of the house. I do tell my clients after every session, that part of the recommendation that I have for them is to practice this every day if possible. Just get your bare feet on the ground every day, even for just a few minutes, and you will notice the difference. All kinds of health issues have been resolved using this process. However, if you live in a place where it’s not convenient, it may be there’s snow on the ground; it’s too cold, and things like that, this may be a time where you look into getting yourself a grounding mat where the connection is to the earth directly. I hope you’ll try it and see how you feel. I practice it daily, and I have to say, it does help me to feel very calm and peaceful, which is our natural state. And I just feel more connected to, not only the earth but, to nature in general. And just remembering we are part of nature. Our natural state is one of peace and calm, and this practice can help us to feel more in touch with that natural state.

Another thing that’s interesting about grounding is, if you are grounded and you touch someone who isn’t, they can become grounded as well. We are conductors of electricity, so that’s pretty cool, too. We can also get grounded by touching things that are grounded, like a tree—just touching a tree. And you may have heard of this. In the days, in the 70’s, they talked about “tree huggers”. Well there’s something to that. Trees are grounded, and, if we touch the tree, we can become grounded as well. So maybe you can’t get your bare feet on the ground, but you could put your hands on a tree or some plants and get the same effect.

The activity that we’re doing today is a little meditation—just a brief meditation—and I call it the Grounding Breath. It’s not the same as what we’re talking about here with earthing, where we’re changing the electrical charges. But, by bringing awareness to different parts of the body, we are allowing the energy in our body to flow to those areas and through those areas, so we are moving the energy that we have inside of our body around, by doing the practice of this Grounding Breath. I decided to do this episode today because the last two episodes on viruses and bacteria were filled with a lot of new information which may have been a bit unsettling and maybe a bit overwhelming. So this Grounding Breath can help you to allow this new information to come in and to release any negative thoughts that you may have about it, or any tension in your body that was created by that information.

So let’s begin. Please find yourself sitting with your feet flat on the floor and your arms resting by your sides, or your palms face up with your hands on your lap. And begin by breathing into your feet—into the toes, the feet, and up to the ankles. On the exhale, imagine letting go of anything you no longer need. And then on the next breath, imagine the breath flowing into the legs from the ankles to the hips. And on the exhale, breathing out anything you no longer need. On the next breath in, imagine the breath flowing to the pelvis, to the sacrum, the tailbone, the hips in general. And then on the exhale, breathing out anything you no longer need. On the next breath in, imagine the breath moving into the low belly, all the way up to the chest, including the back and the spine. And then on the exhale, releasing anything you no longer need. And on your next breath, imagine the breath flowing into the arms from the shoulders out to the fingertips. And on the exhale, releasing, letting go of anything you no longer need. On your next breath in, imagine the breath flowing into the neck and the throat, and into the face, the head, the brain, the skull. And on the exhale, releasing anything you no longer need. Thank you.

That was the Grounding Breath. And I also advise my clients at the end of every session, to do this breath—we do it together. And it really does help you to realize that when we move the energy into these areas, there’s also things that maybe we need to let go of from those areas. And we can do that by bringing our awareness there and imagining it flowing out. The brain is amazing because what we imagine, the brain doesn’t know the difference between that and reality. So if we imagine we’re bringing in fresh energy, and we’re releasing things that we no longer need, this is actually something that’s happening for us. We’re in charge. We can tell our body what to hold on to and what to let go of—pretty powerful.

Today we learned about Grounding or Earthing. This is a natural, available process to anyone, that allows us to get more negatively charged—more balanced with the earth’s negatively charged energy. Feeling more connected to ourselves and to nature, reducing inflammation, increasing blood flow, and all kinds of health benefits have been gained by doing this process. Decrease in pain is a big one. Many people find that when they stand on the earth barefoot, their pain goes away almost instantly, and stays away. I hope you’ll give it a try and see how it feels for you. And remember, as I said earlier, don’t do too much too fast. If you’ve never grounded before, just give it a few minutes, and then try it the next day. But, if it feels good, keep doing it daily—it’s great for us.

Oh, one of the things I failed to mention is why do we need to do this? Well, over the history of our shoes, we have gone from natural animal skins and things like that—leather—as the bottoms of our shoes, which do conduct electricity. So those shoes could help us stay grounded. Or moccasins, another one. But with the development of plastics, we were able to create shoes with plastic soles. And this is an insulating material, so we’re basically we’re walking around in our shoes with plastic soles, and they cannot absorb the electricity through them, so we become disconnected from the earth and our natural frequencies. So I would advise us all to take off those shoes with the plastic soles or find some shoes. There are many companies out there that make shoes with leather soles, and some even have a little copper button on them that help you connect directly to the earth. Look around for “grounding shoes”, and you may find something that appeals to you.

Thanks for joining in today, and send yourself some appreciation for doing so. This has been Move Into Coherence. I’m Pamela Stokes. Take it easy. ☺️

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