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As a social species, we are wired for love. This love underlies our natural empathy. We feel each other. Often, though, we tuck the sensations of others away into one or more particular places in our body, which can affect our wellbeing. A more effective strategy than taking on the sensations of pain, burden, or anguish, we can receive the information, without absorbing it, while being our brightest light. This practice, which we can do three to four times a day, helps us to power up, cleanse the burdened places in our body, and become the brightest light. Tuning up our body’s energy field is also a great way to feed the entire Field, which supports us all. When we do this practice regularly, our empathic experiences energize, rather than deplete. We’ll be filling up and feeling and remembering our interconnectedness with the Field. Releasing what we no longer need. And being the brightest light. Thank you for joining in! Electrical energy is instant, so this doesn’t take a long time. Please feel that I am doing it with you.

Let’s begin, comfortably sitting or standing. Feel your feet making contact with the surface they’re resting on.

Imagine or think that the most beautiful sparkling red is coming up into the bottoms of your feet. When you inhale, you’re inhaling red up into your feet. Think it, imagine it, and the energy will follow. That beautiful sparkling red just rushes into all of your physical body, filling you up inside and between all of your trillions of cells. It rushes through all of who you are in your physical body, and it rushes up and out through the crown of who you are and goes clear up into the universe. Allow that most beautiful sparkling red to move up quickly. This very full red is all about vitality. And now imagine or think and direct the red energy as it fills up and through your body instantly and surges through you, up and out through the crown and into the Field.

As you inhale, from the bottoms of your feet, brilliant orange, just the right color of orange, fills you up and shoots up into the Field, right from the crown of who you are. We’re allowing this to move faster and faster as we go. Now, inhale the brightest yellow, up through the bottoms of your feet and filling and rushing through you. The brilliance of the sun, rushing through you, filling you, and shooting up from the crown of who you are and into the Field. And then pick a shade of green that you really like and appreciate. Now, bring that green up instantly, until all of who you are fills up. And that shade of green rushes up into the Field. Now fill yourself deliberately, being in charge. Fill yourself with a most beautiful shade of blue that is just right for you. And filling you up, it just surges through you, and from your crown, shoots up into the Field.

Purple’s coming up now.

You may have noticed you’re able to go faster and faster with this.

Filling you up, purple’s shooting up into the Field.

And then the brilliance of white light moving into all of who you are in your physical body. Filling your own energy field. Filling you up and just shooting up into the universe.

And now, let’s do a version of Receiving Hands. Place your hands, palms-down on the fronts of your thighs, tap down with your fingers, one-at-a-time, beginning with the pinky, then ring, middle, and index. When we do this, we are using a neurological reflex from our very early life. And now, repeat after me, out loud or in your mind. “I ask for what I need, and I receive it. My basic human needs are met—safety, satisfaction, and connection. Receiving now.” Now let’s do a Sigh of Relief. Breathing through your nose, take a small breath in, and then a larger one, and then, with lips closed, mmmmmmmm.

And now, a gentle cleanse. Begin by noticing where in your body you feel all the empathic experiences of your life. There may be one or two particular places where they have landed. We’re not camping out here, we are gathering information and moving on. We have the opportunity to cleanse these areas now, through our ever-present interconnectedness with the Field.

Very deliberately, send the entire spectrum of rainbows—all their frequencies, all the vibrations of the colors in rainbows—into those heavy areas of your body. Fill up the areas where you’ve been absorbing empathic experiences. And now, imagine, and think, and notice a fire of violet. Violet flames. The color of violet, filling you with purity. Purifying and cleansing, all through your physical body, every bit of your energy field. Beautiful, purifying violet flames. No need to work at this, but simply think it, imagine it, and it happens. Notice you are more and more in charge of yourself.

And now, notice the most beautiful, shimmery, sparkling golden energy. A most precious gold of the earth. Like the precious golden of beautiful jewelry. Golden energy shimmering and shining all throughout you. And specifically, send that gold where those weakened or overloaded areas used to be. Filling up with gold. And allow the gold to shoot on up into the Field. And now, imagine yourself filling with the sparkles of the stars, the sparkles of diamonds—brilliant sparkles. Clear bright light into your entire physical body. Think, imagine, and notice that every atom and all the space within you has the sparkle of the stars inside of it. Inside all of who you are. You are now the brightest light.

Get a sense, now, that you are like a light bulb. The brilliance is inside of you first and then shines out in every single direction around you. You are the one who has turned it on. A light bulb doesn’t turn on by itself. You turned it on, and it shines out in front of you, behind you, each side of you, beneath you and above you. You are the brightest light. Our brilliant light, being coherent vibration, creates coherence in the Field. Coherence is the quality of integrated wholeness. It is the nature of the universe.

Thank you for joining in and send yourself some appreciation for being the brightest light.

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