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This is an EFT Tapping meditation, so you can use the standard EFT tapping acupoints, or you can simply spread your hand open and place your thumb underneath one of your collarbones and your fingers on the other side.

BETRAYAL. Repeat after me:

Even though I feel betrayed, I choose to love and accept myself.

Even though I feel betrayed, I choose to love and honor myself.

Even though I feel betrayed, and I feel hurt, and it really sucks, and it’s really wrong, and I’m tired of feeling lousy about it, and even though I feel betrayed, I choose to deeply and completely love honor and accept myself and, maybe someday, some of these people. Not because they deserve it, but because I deserve to be free.

I feel betrayed

I feel betrayed

I’ve been hurt and it is so wrong

It’s so wrong what they did to me

I trusted them

I counted on them

and they betrayed me

it was a terrible thing for them to do

and part of me feels required to feel terrible

maybe to teach myself a lesson

if the betrayal is painful enough

maybe I’ll finally learn not to trust anyone

and while that may sound terrible

part of me believes that’s what I should do

to keep myself safe

because this really hurts

this betrayal really hurts

and I want to do what I can

to avoid having it happen again

all this pain and anger

is totally understandable

absolutely justified

and completely exhausting

and I deserve better

all this anger and resentment

and all this fear

all this pain

I choose to release it

A part of me, though, wants to suffer

to teach these people a lesson

you see what happens when you betray me?

I feel a lot of pain

and I’m hoping that’ll change them

I’m hoping that’ll make them want to fix this

I’m hoping I can feel pathetic enough

then maybe they’ll take pity on me

but is that really what I want?

because who I really am is not pathetic

and while it sucks to be betrayed

and it feels so unfair

I reclaim my power

I choose to clear this pain

I choose to clear this fear

And all the anger

that might get in my way

because I choose to feel free

and I don’t want this to stop me

it’s really unfortunate that this happened

but I can learn things from it

to keep me safe in the future

I can do this without pain

so I’m releasing the pain

I don’t owe it to anyone to stay hurt

I won’t give them the satisfaction

I’m giving myself the satisfaction of feeling good

I can find my power inside

Even though I cannot change what happened outside

I honor myself and how I feel

so I’m choosing to release the pain

Releasing all the anger and fear

clearing it at a cellular level

and clearing it all the way back through my past

back through other times I’ve been betrayed

back through times I might have betrayed others

back through times when I’ve simply betrayed myself

and as I allow myself to clear all this stuff

I can see some benefit in this episode

this betrayal led to some old clearing

I am clearing this old stuff out

clearing what doesn’t feel good

clearing this fear

that this betrayal means something about me

that it means that I deserve this kind of treatment

because I don’t

I deserve much better

I honor that

and I choose to allow much better

clearing the stuff that gets in the way of that

clearing all this self-doubt about what I deserve

I deserve peace

I’m allowing life to get better and better

and it starts right now

with allowing myself to feel better and better

to feel peace, comfort, and freedom

in body, mind, and spirit


And now take a nice breath in through the nose deep into the lungs. And a sigh of relief. MMMMMMM. And send yourself some appreciation for joining in. Thank you.

Thank you for joining in and send yourself some appreciation for being the brightest light.

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