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To begin this meditation, find something in the space you’re in and look at it with an intention to discover its details. Now, simply allow the information to enter your eyes. Receive the information. Allow your eyes to be soft as they receive. And let your soft eyes wander, then move your head to follow where your eyes lead. Your receiving eyes wander again and your head follows. Once again, allow your soft receiving eyes to wander and let your head follow.


Now bring your head to a comfortable middle place and close your eyes or soften your gaze downward toward the floor. And now, find your seat resting on the surface you’re sitting on. Allow yourself to feel held and supported by the surface. Soften. And with mouth closed, notice your body breathing itself. Feel the natural rhythm of your breath. Moving in and out. Place your hands gently on your belly as you naturally breathe. Notice the warmth of your hands on your belly. Feel the contact they are making with your own body. And now notice how your breath gently moves your hands. Perhaps they move outward when you inhale and inward when you exhale. Just notice. There’s no agenda; no judgement. Just being breathed and noticing how your hands and belly move with that breath.


Now allow your hands to move up to your face and place your palms on your cheeks. Feel your hands on your face, your cheeks. Feel the contact your hands are making with your cheeks. Perhaps you feel warmth or coolness. Gentle contact. And now, wiggle your hands so that your cheeks move a little. And then let your hands rest on your cheeks. Notice how your breath continues to breathe you. Now allow your hands to slide down your cheeks, down your face, and let your fingers sort of drip off of your chin. Allow your hands to be soft in your lap or down by your sides. Notice how your face feels. Enjoy the softness there. Once again, feel your seat resting on the surface you’re sitting on and notice. Perhaps you feel more settled there. Enjoy that. Feel your feet. Feel your hands. Feel the space inside your feet. Feel the space inside your hands.


And now, press the tip of your tongue gently up against the roof of your mouth. S-l-o-w-l-y allow your tongue to soften down to the floor of your mouth. Notice any settling that happens as you rest your seat on the surface you’re sitting on. And now, with soft eyes, soft tongue, soft seat, slow your breathing down to six seconds per inhale, six seconds per exhale. Breathing gently through your nose, six seconds in and six seconds out. Soft tongue, soft eyes, soft seat. Imagine your breath moving in and out from your heart. Six seconds in and six seconds out. Through your heart. The front, back and sides of your heart. Your whole heart breathing in, six seconds. And, your whole heart breathing out six seconds.


And now recall a person, a pet, or a place that brings up an elevated emotion like joy, wonder, or appreciation. Continue breathing six seconds in and six seconds out of your whole heart and allow yourself to feel this elevated emotion. Soft eyes, soft tongue, soft seat. Breathing through your heart. Feeling the elevated emotion as you recall this person, pet or place. Six seconds for your inhale and six seconds for your exhale. Noticing how it feels in your body to feel this emotion. Perhaps you feel warmth, lightness, expansion. Enjoy the pleasant sensations in your body. Breathing in through your heart six seconds and out through your heart six seconds. Soft eyes, soft tongue, soft seat. 


And now, gently return to regular breathing. And slowly close your hand by bringing your fingers to your palm one at a time starting with your pinky. Pinky, ring, middle, index. And hold them there gently closed and say out loud, or in your mind, “Receiving everything I need.” “It is safe to receive everything I need.” “Receiving now.” Let that all go and notice how you feel. Soft tongue, soft eyes, soft seat. Your body gently breathing itself. 


Cross your arms and place your palms on the outsides of your upper arms. Feel the contact your hands are making with your upper arms. Give your upper arms a gentle squeeze. And now, with the intention to connect with the muscles and connective tissue, the fascia, slowly sweep your hands down your arms to come palm to palm and slide your hands off. Allow your arms to float down by your sides. We’ll do that again, cross your arms and place your hands on your opposite upper arms. As you sweep down your arms slowly, say out loud or in your mind, “It is safe to feel safe.” “Right now, in this moment, I am allowing myself to feel safe enough and to feel ok feeling ok.” “It’s ok to feel ok.” And allow your arms to float down by your sides or rest, palms up in your lap. Soft tongue, soft eyes, soft seat. Breathing gently through your nose. 


Breathe in a small breath through your nose, then a larger breath, and then with lips closed, make a sigh as you exhale slowly. And once more, small breath in, then a larger breath, then mmmmm as you exhale. And notice how you feel. Notice your seat resting against the surface supporting you. Notice your soft tongue and your soft eyes. Notice any pleasant sensations you feel anywhere in your body. And remember how this feels. Tell your cells to remember. They are listening. And know that you can return to this feeling again and again. It’s ok to feel ok. It’s safe to feel safe. Right now, we’re ok. 


Feel your feet and the space inside them. Feel your hands and the space inside them. Feel your torso. Feel the space inside your torso. Feel your head, your neck, and your face and feel the space inside them. Feel into the space of your whole body. Feel your body breathing itself. And as you breathe your next few breaths allow your eyes to gently open. And with a soft gaze, look around you. Notice shapes, textures, colors. Receiving the information entering your eyes. Allow your head to move as you receive this information. Coming back into the space. Noticing your feet and your hands. Wiggle your toes. Wiggle your fingers.


Send yourself appreciation for doing this today. And, as you move into your day, remember you can feel this good any time you desire. Your cells are listening. Thank you. 

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