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Waking Meditation

I’m just waking up. And before I do anything else, I’m listening to my morning meditation. It helps me begin my day with ease and comfort. Breathing in through my nose, I’m noticing that the breath is flowing. It’s happening for me. Nothing I have to do but be breathed. I am being breathed. I am grateful for that. My body is breathing itself. There’s a spark of life force energy that is here for me. Nothing I have to do to deserve it. It’s here for me. For me. How lovely. I appreciate that. I am so grateful. Thank you.

Before I think the thoughts of the things that I want to accomplish today, I’m going to remember that I am alive. This is a brand-new, never-before-seen day. What shall I do with this day? I could complain that there’s too much to do. I could do that. I could also feel grateful that I have another day to live. Yes, that’s a nice place to begin. As I relax in the knowing that my body is breathing itself, my cells are continuing all their functions, I feel such appreciation. What I focus on, gets stronger. I am going to be with this for a few moments rights now. I am here. I am alive. I am grateful. It’s a wonderful way to begin. It allows me to be clear and open to what is here for me.

I bring to mind a life I would love to be living. I am bold. It’s mine to create. When I feel into this life, I feel pulled into action. What could I do today to move one tiny step toward this life? What is pulling me into action? There is no push energy here. No struggle. No strife. It is my life force energy moving me. This is a comforting energy. It guides me and leads me to doing today what I can with what I have. This is how it begins. And every day I remember to come from this place of what would I love, feeling gratitude and appreciation, I am pulled up and forward. And it is easy.

Here’s to me, my power to create, and my life force energy. I am grateful for another opportunity to begin anew. There will never be another day just like this. Welcome this new day!

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