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Begin by taking three calming breaths through the nose and deep into the lungs.

Repeat after me:

Everything is recorded in my subconscious mind

I can access what I need when I need it

I trust my intuition

I trust life

I’m exactly where I’m meant to be

And I have everything I need

Inside of me now

I know more than I realize

These old fears no longer control me

I now see the hidden blessing of these fears

My fears forced me to look within

So that I could see my inner strength

Thank you, fears, for leading me to my power

And I’ll take it from here

I’m aware of any self-doubt or fears

But they no longer have power over me

I now know my body is worthy of love just the way it is

I am worthy of love just the way I am

I accept myself

And I have the courage to make decisions

Decisions that support me

I am not my past

I am not a victim of what has already happened

I am what I choose to believe

So I choose love

I choose acceptance

I choose strength

I choose courage

I choose faith

I choose compassion

I choose passion

With every new choice, I support myself

And as I make these better choices

As I take better care of myself

I begin to help those around me

As I shine my light

I inspire others to do the same

I have a greater impact than I realize

As I change from within

I change the world around me

I know what’s right for me

I acknowledge what I truly desire

That desire pulls me forward with joy and excitement

I let go of my need to control

I am flexible and resourceful

I face any new obstacle

With a sense of adventure

I have everything inside of me now

I integrate all of these lessons

I learned from all of my past experiences

And I let go of the emotions that no longer serve me

Today is a new day

I integrate everything I’ve learned

And I trust in my intuition

The road is not clear

But the uncertainty excites me

I am ready for an adventure

I am further along than I realize

All that limits me is my imagination

And I allow my imagination to run free

I am ready

I am worthy

I honor everything I’ve been through

And I’m excited for the journey ahead

This is my time

And everything I need to know is inside of me now


Breathe. Place your hands over your heart—feel your strength, love, and passion.

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