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Hello, friends! Welcome to Move Into Coherence. I’m Pamela Stokes. In today’s episode we’ll be learning some new physics, and we will be doing a meditation that allows us to incorporate this new physics into ourselves—into our bodies. So let’s get into it. We’ll start with the three bells. And these are bells that I received from being in Mary Morrissey’s Brave Thinking Masters. They come from Tibet. And we will do three rings and let them ring to completion. I’m gonna do a little Heart Coherence, and then we’ll do some Waking and Shaking, and then the learning, and the meditation. So lots of fun today. Thanks for being here. Here’s our three bells.

Great. And now let’s do a little Heart Coherence. We’ll just begin by bringing awareness into our heart area. And if it helps to bring your hand there, do that. If it’s not comfortable, that’s OK, just bringing your awareness into your heart area. (Pause a couple of breaths.) And we’ll slow the breath down a little deeper and a little slower than usual, and ideally it’s between 5 and 6 seconds in and five or six seconds out. And we’re using the nose to breathe. And if you’d like to have your eyes closed, that may help you get a little bit more in touch with what’s happening inside you. (Pause for a few breaths.) And then we’ll imagine that the breath is flowing in and out through the heart—five or six seconds in and five or six seconds out, through the heart. (Pause for a few breaths.) And now we’ll bring to mind something that helps us to feel gratitude or appreciation, as we continue to breathe through the heart. (A few breaths.) And then over the course of the next couple or three breaths, you can bring your hand to your lap or relaxed, and come back to your natural breathing; let your eyes open to a soft gaze. I wanted to explain why we begin with that heart coherence. It allows us to join together, in actuality. We’ll talk about that a little bit more later, so I’m really glad you’re here.

Let’s go ahead and do our Waking and Shaking. This is a three-part motion which will enable us to get ready for the learning and the doing. So let’s go ahead and come to standing, please. Thanks for joining in. I’m gonna tip my camera just a little. There we go. Alright. So the first part of Waking and Shaking is the motion called Waking Up. And this is a really nice one to just reset all of the muscles in the spine and the belly, so that we can have an easy posture. And it also helps us to feel what it is to be out of alignment so that we can come back in. Alright. So the knees…Sorry, let’s start with the feet. They are lined up with the shoulders, and the feet are soft on the floor, the knees are soft. And we’ll begin. This is called Waking Up. We’re going to begin by bending the knees, letting them come in toward one another; we’re going to round our back by pulling our belly in; we’ll drop our head; the arms bend so the hands come up towards the shoulders; and we get round and we get small. And then s-l-o-w-l-y let the legs get long, and the belly and the back and the arms get long, everything’s reaching up, look up, tip your chin up. And then relax. Let your arms float down by your sides—release the arms down. Take a break. Take a breath. And we’ll do one more of those. So the knees bend, they come in toward one another; the elbows bend so the hands come up towards the shoulders. You can even close your hands like soft fists. Round the back; drop the head, and get round and get small. And then s-l-o-w-l-y let the legs get long; let the belly get long; let the arms get long; reach up; look up. And then let your arms float down by your sides, and breathe, and take a break; take a breath.

And then we’ll do the next motion, which is the Tongue. And the Tongue is going to allow us to find some softening through the digestive tract. So very simply, we press the tip of the tongue to the center of the roof of the mouth, gently up. And then, over about 5 seconds, soften the tongue, all the way down to the root of the tongue. And notice how you feel. You may notice a softening throughout the digestive tract.

And then the third motion of Waking and Whaking is the shake—it’s the Quick Shake. This one begins with the tail/the coccyx/tailbone, and you’re going to start wagging it. And I know it looks silly, but I really do enjoy this one, and I hope you will join in. We’re going to wiggle that tail—wag that tail—and let your arms and legs be wiggly, too. So this is a gentle shaking. And breathing as you go. And then we’ll let that shaking move up the spine, all the way to the crown of the head, and pause there. And loose lips—motorboat. (pbbbbb) Pause and notice how you feel. Notice the sensations in your body. And you’re allowed to smile if that made you smile. It makes me smile. Thanks for joining in on that one. Great.

So we are allowing ourselves to feel more of our, maybe, vibrations in the body. You might feel some tingling sensations. You might feel warmth, maybe more space. Any of those things are wonderful noticings. Alright. Yeah. If you wanna write anything in the chat about where you’re watching from today or just a quick hello, I would love that, just so I feel you. I mean I feel you anyway, but it’s nice to see some chats, if you have that availability.

OK. So today we are talking about some new physics. Now when I say new physics, what I mean is a looking at physics from a point of view that is unified. And this is something that when Einstein wrote his big papers and big equations, there were some difficulties with it, because they could not make the same equation true for the very small—the quantum stuff—and the very large. And there was a discrepancy. And there’s basically: some physicists will study the big stuff, and some physicists will study the little stuff, and “nary the two shall twain”. So that was a problem for this particular physicist named Naseem Haramein. And in fact it was a problem for Einstein himself, because when he first wrote the equations he did not include the ether. And this was a term that was used in the olden days. We can still call it the ether, but it could be a little confusing because there’s also a molecule called ether, or substance called ether. So rather than that, we can call it the Fundamental Field, or we can call it ambient energy. Basically, it’s always here. It’s always around us. It comes in us, and makes us, and it makes things and matter. It’s the Field. We can contribute to it. And when we radiate our heart coherence out into others—imagining we’re radiating it out—we are actually feeding the Field. This is a term that Roland McCrady from the Heart Math Institute likes to use. “What are you feeding the Field”, he asks.

I’m gonna pause here and just acknowledge—I see some friends here. Hello, Kathleen. Hello, Mildred. I appreciate you both being here. And Mildred is coming in from Kenya. And I just/I love that I’ve gone global! So thank you, Mildred, for being here. Appreciate you both, and anyone else that didn’t get a chance to say hi.

So let’s go back to what we were talking about. When Einstein first wrote his equations, he eliminated the fundamental energy, because it messed up his math, and it wasn’t really what he wanted to get into—he thought it was kind of spooky, and just didn’t really want to have anything to do with it. And then ten years later, he said well, actually I think we better include that. And the other scientists were like no, no, no, no, no, we’re good; we don’t want to hear about that. So it wasn’t even—from his own self—it wasn’t received well. So it’s been a challenge for Naseem Haramein to even have anyone listen to him, because it’s different from what we’ve known. And we talked about this in one of the episodes, that when we have an assumption that we’ve been making, and then that assumption gets shattered, we can go into the trauma response. So who’s to say. I probably feel/I feel that this is probably what was happening, is what people were like no, no, you’re shattering my assumptions; it’s a trauma response; I don’t want to go there. So they didn’t want to listen, but it’s undeniable when you look at the mathematics, how brilliantly elegant it is that what Naseem Haramein has found is that you can look at the big stuff, figure out the math, as long as you include that ambient energy—that fundamental field—and you can also do the same thing in the quantum area—the very, very small—and the mathematics flows between both and everything in between. So it’s pretty cool. He found a unified equation for describing our universe. And what he discovered—and this is what’s so cool—is because there is one Force/One field/one Fundamental Field—this is what gives us all the different forces. So when we talk about the forces between the atoms in the molecule, that’s a force that keeps them stuck together. We can talk about magnetic force of two magnets attracting each other or pushing away. There is the electrical field that gets created from—not even sure if it’s electrons moving—we’re not really understanding what electricity is, but somehow, we have this field that creates energy for us to plug our stuff into. And gravity. These can all be explained with this one notion of there being a fundamental field. And the part about it is that even on the smallest level, if you look at let’s say the outside of this little tiny thing we call a proton—not even sure they really exist—but let’s go down to the smallest thing that we are aware of that is we can call it spherical and if we start putting little bits and pieces of things together to make that, we can say it’s tiled or it’s covered. We can do the same thing with the Galaxy, we can cover it with all these little tiles. And what Naseem talks about are these very tiny units—Planck units. P-L-A-N-C-K named after a physicist. And these are very tiny. There may even be things that are smaller. But what he found was, if I took even the smallest thing, I would find an Infinity of these small Planck lengths on there—these small units—Planck spherical units—he calls them PSU’s. I would find the same number on the proton that I could find on a Galaxy, so in essence, the proton contains—and I know this sounds wild—but the proton contains the same amount of energy as the universe. And our body is filled with trillions and trillions and trillions of protons. And so we basically have the capacity to have all of the energy of the universe inside of us. Wow! I just think that’s fantastic. So when I feel into that, and when I feel into the fact that I’m connected to the field—we can’t get away from it/it’s everywhere; it’s in us; it’s through us; it’s making more of us—when I feel into that, I really feel enlivened. It allows me to feel like wow, I’m really connected to it all, and my body is doing good things with this energy.

We talked about bions a few episodes ago. Bions are the smallest particles inside of us that are energy collectors. And they can transform into different shapes. They can become bacteria-shaped, and they can join together further and make bigger bacteria, and double bacteria, and then they can also join together—depending on the environment and their arrangement—they can form fungus, they can form mold, they can form amoeba-like cells. And these amoeba-like cells, we call them cancer cells. All of these different cell types and different what we maybe call organisms, are our bions reacting to our environment. And the information that the researchers of this particular paper I was reading—and I’ll have links included in the description—is that even in a healthy tissue and a pathological or diseased tissue, these bions are the same. So there’s no disease organism. There is a disease state, and the organisms are the same. But, depending on the environment, you may have more of one or another depending on what the environment is that’s there for them. If there is, let’s say, destruction of a tissue because the environment/there’s a toxin/there’s some destruction, our bodies will respond by making what we would call bacteria, and that looks like an infection. But those bacteria are there to digest the broken-down tissues if there happens to be any there. Similarly if we produce cancer cells, these bions do this for us. Those cancer cells are there because the environment created the situation/the mileu/the energetic situation, that the best cells for that environment would be these mobile cells. They’re kind of like amoeba, and they can move around. But then our body will also make another type of ingredient so that we can digest those cancer cells. So we’re actually/it’s a process of getting back to health/getting back to coherence, which is our body/all the body parts working in harmony together.

When we are in harmony, when we’re in coherence like that, we have an identifiable frequency—each one of us. This is what makes us individual and unique. And in fact, the bions themselves have their own frequency. Every cell inside has its own frequency, and it kind of has a signature of the waves and the way that these things are put together, it’s you. You are an individual, that is true. But you are also made of all the stuff that everyone else is made of, and everything else is made of. And so we are individuals in a field. There’s no way to separate the two. And you couldn’t even really separate them, because without the field you wouldn’t be an individual, and without the individuals, we wouldn’t really have the field because we’re contributing to it—we’re making more of it. We’re resonating out, or radiating out this frequency. So as we resonate, or as we, let’s call it, as we radiate out this frequency, others might resonate with it. So this is an example: if you have a guitar on one side of the room, and you pluck a string on the other side, if there’s another guitar, this string/the same string will vibrate and make the same tone. They are in resonance together. Another example is when we hear about people singing—like an opera singer singing—and a glass breaks. Well, the glass itself has a particular frequency at which it vibrates most, so if you hit that note and send it into the glass, the glass eventually will shatter. So the resonance of being in resonance with that frequency, can make for more life—can create more life. That’s what we’re talking about with these bions. And it can also be destructive, as we know that sometimes the glass will break. So when we are doing the idea/when we’re listening to ourselves and listening to the idea of oh, I would like to be in harmony; I would like to be in coherence; I would like to have my vibrational frequency—my individual one—be the best one that it can be, so that there is more life to be created.

And this goes back to this new physics. Besides unifying everything together, Naseem Haramein has talked about whenever there is a space/a cavity/ empty—what we call empty—space, that is filled with this fundamental field energy/this ambient energy. So whenever there’s space, it’s filled with this ambient energy, and it’s spinning. And it’s continually spinning, and it’s never stopping. It just continually spins. So when you have a space and there’s spinning inside, what you end up creating, there’s the possibility for resonance to happen. And when resonance happens, those waves come together, and they line up. This is what we call coherence. And we can have them so close together/piled on top of each other, that we end up creating something that looks solid. We create matter. So it does matter how you feel; it matters how much space there is inside of you; how much ease; how much flow; how can this energy flow? And that’s what I want to imagine for myself—and I’d love for you to do this as well—imagine the spaces inside of us, allowing for this energy/this ambient energy, which is all around us; we cannot get away from it; it’s here—when we allow that energy to come in to those spaces, now it can swirl, and we can create more of ourselves—more life. This is our superpower. We have the power to use the ambient energy, bring it inside, and create more life for ourselves. There have been many different people over history who have shown that they can easily destroy cancer cells. This is a big topic of conversation. Do we want to destroy them? Maybe not. Maybe it’s a process of cleansing and removing wastes. That is a perspective that I wholeheartedly believe is so. And in fact we can bring in electrical frequencies and destroy cancer cells. We’ve/this has been done in recent times as well. Other scientists have done this over history. That’s one thing: destroy the cancer cells. But what made the cancer happen in the first place? Hmm, that’s the interesting part. I remember reading Wilhelm Reich said I can/we can get rid of the cancer in weeks’ time, no problem, but it will come back. And why it comes back is because there’s a reason why the cancer formed in the first place. And there are many people who talk about the chemistry in your body being accurate and being correct, and so of course eating the right foods and drinking the water and all that stuff. That’s a component, but then there’s also a huge, huge component, which is how do you feel? How do you feel about being here? How do you feel about life itself? Well, historically, the people who are, let’s say the “powers that shouldn’t be”—those people have decided that it’s important for us to be controlled. So they want to have control, and the best way that they could do that is to help us to feel small, and to feel insignificant/powerless/can’t help ourselves/can’t heal ourselves. We need to have this expert in this, and we’ve got to reach outside of ourselves to be healthy and well. And that’s a belief system that’s been laid out for us for thousands of years. This is nothing new, but some people who we call alternative or complementary medicine, outside of that, we say hmm I wonder if maybe I got unwell because I was thinking these thoughts, or I was feeling these feelings, or I wasn’t allowing myself to feel these feelings, like grief and anger, which are challenging emotions, no doubt. But when we don’t allow ourselves to feel them, we can get/this space gets constricted, and then there’s no flow, and then that energy doesn’t move, and now we’re not vibrating at our optimal frequency. We are not being our full selves. So the paradigm shift—we’ve talked about this before. Big paradigm shift, which is I don’t need to reach out to an expert to tell me how I feel; I know; I look inside and I listen; and I learn about myself. And that’s what we’re doing here in this podcast is to find ways to really connect with the body, and to know we’re on the same team—we’re doing this together. And so in this in this lesson today, I want you to understand, please, that you are in charge. You have a particular frequency. We need that one. As a field, we need yours. You’re important. And this is also something that is called sovereignty. This is your individuality, free from anything/anyone. It’s yours. It’s your own particular frequency. So if you wonder do I have any value? The answer is yes, because you vibrate at a particular frequency. That’s yours; it’s individual; nobody has that one. We need you to vibrate at your highest and greatest/strongest frequency. So this is where we are learning these things these techniques and practices so that you can find your optimal well-being.

Alright. one of the things I wanted to also mention is that when we take a drug, for example, what the drug is doing is it’s creating less of that life force energy. It’s reducing the life force energy, not increasing it. And so anytime you take a drug or a medication or a vaccine, you are decreasing your life force energy. This is why it’s important for us to see if there’s ways that we can avoid that, because we want to increase our life force energy. We want to keep that going so that we stay alive. The third leading cause of death is from iatrogenic reasons, which is drug-induced reasons. And I don’t mean drugs like recreational drugs necessarily, I’m talking about medications. Third most common cause of death in the United States, so there’s something that’s not right; something’s not right. We’re looking at disease as something that needs to be attacked rather than a situation in the body that maybe is not in the optimal frequency/vibrational frequency for you. And when we increase the space in the body, or we are aware of the space. that’s when we know that this fundamental field—this ambient energy—can come in and create more matter. And this is the bions that we’re talking about. We’re creating more life.

Oh, and another thing I’d like to say. When some research was being done, they were looking at meditation as a beneficial practice, and they were trying to find out what was it—was it the amount of hours/was it the breath/was it the focus of the awareness—what was it about the meditation that allowed the practitioners to go into what is called a “bliss state”. This is our highest energetic—and calm at the same time—so it’s our energetic state and calm. We could call it our natural state, really. And what they were looking at, they were trying to find, using all these testing/all these different things—parameters—to see what was it about the meditators that could get them to this bliss state. Well, they tried different things, and tried different things. And they were looking at brain waves, and so there was some mathematical and scientific technological equipment to do the measurements. Well, what they found was that what creates that bliss state is when we have an awareness of the space inside of us. Isn’t that cool? So, when we feel the space inside of us, when we’re aware of this space, that puts us into the brain wave state which says bliss, which says peace, calm, ease, flow. It’s optimal, because when we’re in that state, the nervous system is like yes, OK, that’s easy. The body is like yes, OK, that’s easy. More life. More life, right? So this bliss state—that’s what we’re aiming for. So it’s not how many hours you do. It’s not how long you do it, and how you sit, and how you breathe and stuff, as much as it is the awareness of the space inside of us. So that’s what we’re going to be doing in our meditation today, is we are going to be recognizing this beautiful space that’s here for us to create in/create matter in.

So some of the things I wanted to/I will be including in the meditation—so this will be kind of a guided meditation, which will allow you to really notice these things—but some of the factors that I would like to include in the meditation in advance of doing it, I’d like to just let you know why I’m including these things and what they are. When we think about the only way that you could fill up a glass, is if it had space, right? So a glass or a cup or a pot, it needs to have that space in order to be filled up. So by definition, having a space allows for something to go in. There we go. In our body, we have many spaces that are here. And in biology and medicine oftentimes the spaces are not considered. We consider the organ, or the tissues, or the cells, but we’re not considering the space around them/between them. And then all of the cavities that are in our body. And I don’t mean cavities like holes in your teeth, I’m talking about cavities/spaces in the body. For example, in the sinuses, in the nasal cavity, all behind our eyes and nose, there are vast spaces there, which actually, by their shape, can swirl the air and direct it down to the lungs. So that’s why we breathe through the nose. That’s one thing. But the nasal cavities are spaces; the ear canal, all the way in, that is a space; the mouth is a space; the intestinal tract/all of the tubes are, you know, they’re not always full, and they move things along but there’s space in there as well. The lungs of course are filled with space, and each of the little sacs that hold the air, those are little sacs/they’re little bags—space—and so things can be filled/they can be filled. The trachea, which is the tube that goes into the lungs, the bronchi or tubes that go into the lungs. Every blood vessel is a cavity—it has space inside of it and there, that is how the structured water inside of the membrane/the structured water inside of the tube—inside of the vessel—allows for the blood cells to move. And that’s a whole thing. But in any case, we need that space there. There’s a space between cells, and when we have a constriction—when there’s something that’s getting blocked—like a blood vessel that’s getting blocked, or the bronchi that are getting blocked, we get asthma; we get blood clots; we get atherosclerosis. So these things will happen if the space is not open and allowing flow to occur. If we have too much space, or abnormal space, we get inflammation and the fluid will fill up that space. And inflammation is kind of on the opposite end of the spectrum. If we have squeezing over here at one end of the cell structure, over here they will be too stretched apart, and that’s where we get inflammation. So they go hand in hand. We want to have a balanced amount of shape. And actually my friend’s research—she’s the cell biologist I refer to a lot, Jody Rosenblatt, Dr. Jody Rosenblatt—she found that there’s an optimal spacing for cells, and it goes along with the golden ratio—the golden mean—which is the number that we see in nature for spirals, and the shell of a nautilus, and a snail. Those and petals on a flower, and all the way that things are arranged in space, the optimal is that golden ratio. So we want to have our cells being in this easy space so that all of the functions work. Alright. When we have a surgery and we remove an organ or a part of an organ, we are changing the space. And this is something that our body and nervous system do need to get used to when we have something removed, because our nervous system has a map of what it looks like inside, and when we change that we’ve got to also change the map. And that’s part of the work that I do with people, too, is to help us find these ways to change the map, basically, so that the nervous system knows oh, yeah, that organ is not there anymore. That’s OK.Iit’s not a problem. We’re actually allowing the space to/it will fill up. The organs will kind of adjust and move, and we’ll go back into coherence. So any factor that changes the space, can cause disease. And that’s kind of the bottom line. When we have a constriction, like when we’re too cold and we’re hunched over, we’re making a constriction, we can get a sore throat from that hunkering down sort of thing. We’re also holding in the heat, and so at some point, we have to release that heat, and then we get a fever. Let’s see. What else do I want to say? Oh, here’s another important part, too. Anytime we touch an acupoint, an acupoint is actually a space. The meridians, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, are the spaces, which is why we don’t really see them when we try to look for them in the body. We can’t really find meridians; there’s no tube or structure. It’s just the space, and it happens to be in these certain places in the body. And it does/it’s useful for us to, when we are receiving acupuncture, we’re using the acupoints to bring awareness to these places, so that we can get this space filled with energy, and we can get it to flow. So acupoints are spaces. Meridians are spaces. And when we increase the space, we allow for things to come in—this energy to come in—and it will increase our power. So we also can energize the body with this. Disease is the constriction of space, and then, therefore, the energy is less, and we don’t have the charges that we need to function, and so we have a decrease in conductivity. Oftentimes we can look at the conductivity of the cells, and we can see oh, are they moving electricity through them easily? And that is the indicator of health. And, therefore, if the conductivity is decreased, and we don’t have this energizing, that’s when we have disease. So it’s not about something coming in and attacking us, it’s about our body responding to our environment, and that includes our emotional environment. It includes even things that we might be hanging on to from the past. And so we’re hopefully releasing these things and allowing ourselves to really be in this present moment, because this is all we really can say is occurring. What happened in the past, we can say well, that did happen and there were probably some positive things that came out of it. I can focus on that positive, but really we don’t really need that. But what trauma does—what trauma the trauma response is—it takes what did occur and it makes it feel like it’s happening right now, so that indicates to the nervous system there’s still a problem. So what we can do, again by focusing our awareness/focusing our awareness on the body and the space, we can say in this moment, there is no trauma happening, and that actually turns down the trauma response as well. So we’re healing ourselves in so many ways just by creating more space or being aware of more space. OK. What else, what else, what else? Oh, here’s another space: inside of every joint and between all the bones. The bones don’t actually articulate—they don’t touch each other. And the cartilage doesn’t even touch the other cartilage. There’s space between those as well. So the space is where the energy can flow, and this is what we’re talking about today. OK, so let’s do our meditation.

Oh, I forgot there is one more thing. Right now, in history, we have not received as many solar flares as we are receiving. So if you’re feeling energized, if you’re feeling like it’s hard to sleep; you feel like there’s too much— it’s too much—and you’re kind of buzzing, that’s why. The sun is—and this is legitimate; you can look it up on NASA dot gov—the sun produces radiation, and that’s why we are warm and why we have light, but occasionally it will flare out and huge amounts of energy will flare out at once. And that’s what’s been happening in this last couple of years and particularly over the last few weeks, we’ve had some really strong ones. And so if you’re feeling this sense of like wow there’s a lot going on, there is a lot going on. And so this meditation, I feel, is going to help us all to bring in the energy that we need. Maybe we don’t need all of that solar flare energy, but bring it in and then let it equilibrate in the body, so we can have this ease and comfort and flow of the energy, and not let it be too—I don’t want to say overwhelming—but whelming. Yes, OK.

So let’s go ahead and do this meditation. I’m going to invite you to, please sit or lie, and find a comfortable place for yourself. And then just drop into being aware of the breathing. The breathing that’s here for you. Just noticing that. And now I’d like you to have an awareness of your hands. And then go inside, and imagine the space inside of your hands—between all the cells, inside of the vessels, the airspaces in the bones. the spaces in the fascial network, the space inside every proton. Just feeling the space inside of your hands, becoming aware of it. And if it helps you to gently close your fingers together and open them up, kind of jellyfish-like motion, that might be nice. And now let’s bring our awareness to our feet, and noticing the space inside of the feet. And you may be wondering oh, this just feels kind of weird. I’m not sure if I’m feeling it. It’s just in my imagination, well, trust that. We talked about trust last week—just trust that what you’re sensing is real. (A few breaths of noticing) Great. And then let’s go ahead and bring our awareness to our middle—our torso—and we’ll see if we can find the space there too: the space between the organs, the space between the cells, the space that makes up our protons—the very smallest parts of us. The energy of the entire universe is in each proton. We get to feel that. Ever creating more life. Life is always creating more life. (A few breaths) I’d also like you to be aware of the back part of yourself. Oftentimes when we think of the body, we think of the front, but I’m inviting you now to feel into the back side of yourself. You could maybe even imagine a gentle breeze from behind blowing at your back, and that might bring more awareness into that part of you. And as you bring that awareness in, just noticing, again, the space: the space between the bones of the spine, the space inside of the spinal canal, where the fluid flows. And we’re just allowing the breathing to happen for us. Nothing you have to do. It’s here for you. We can trust that. (a few breaths) And then I’d like you to bring awareness to your throat and your neck, and feel into this space/notice the space in the neck and the throat. We have a couple of tubes in there—the esophagus for swallowing food and water, and the trachea for allowing air to come in and out—those are spaces. Feeling into the spaces there. (a few breaths) And let’s feel into the spaces inside of the head. Inside of the brain, there are spaces. Between the membranes of the brain, there’s space. Between the skull and the brain, there’s space. The space where creation happens. This is the nature of the universe— where there’s space, there’s creation. (A few breaths) You could feel into this space inside of your sinus cavities, the space behind your eyeballs, the space in your mouth, and your ears. And we’re noticing the breath breathing us. And if it helps you, you may imagine that the breath is coming into those spaces. And, remember the brain doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined, so as you are imagining this, it’s real. (a few breaths) And let’s go to the appendages—the legs and arms. Let’s start with the legs first, and see if you can feel the space inside of the calves, and the shins—the lower parts of the legs. We’ll move up into the thighs: the fronts, and the backs, and the sides, and all the different parts of the thighs, and all the space that’s there. Between the bones, between the cartilage, between the cells, inside of the vessels, in every proton. And you may notice in the pelvic area, that as you allow this space into the legs, maybe the pelvis is softening; maybe the contact that you’re making with the seat becomes a little bit easier, softer, more connected. Finding space in the pelvic floor. The bladder is a cavity; it’s a space. It’s not always full. The tubes that go from the kidneys to the bladder, and out from the bladder out of your body, those are spaces. We’re going to feel into those as well. ( a few breaths) And then we’ll come to the arms—from the shoulders out to the wrists and hands—feeling into the space there. The spaces between. The spaces that make us up, filled with this beautiful, free energy— always there. That’s not going away. OK. And now here is the grand finale. Let’s see if we can feel from our feet, through the legs, through the belly in the back, out the arms, and up the throat and neck, and all the way into the brain. The whole body at once. Being aware of all of you and the space inside. Trust yourself that your imagination is real. (a few breaths) We’re allowing the breath to just flow as it does for us, as we feel all the space inside all at once. (a few breaths) Alright. And now, over the next couple of breaths, allow your eyes to come to a soft gaze; notice your feet and toes and fingers and hands and give them a wiggle. And then we’ll use those soft eyes to bring ourselves back into the space of the room. Let your eyes wander, separate from your head. Let them wander some place in the room. And then let your head turn to follow where your eyes led. And then we’ll let the eyes lead again to another part of the room—soft eyes. And let the head follow where the eyes have led. And then one more time, the eyes move separate from the head, and then the head turns to follow where the eyes lead, and then you can bring your head back to neutral. Beautiful.

So this state that you are in right now, that I’m feeling right now, this is our natural state. And it’s not to say that we can always be in this state. Things are going to happen. That’s the beauty of it all. There’s continually change. That’s one thing we can be sure of: nothing stays the same. There’s always change. It’s built into how this world works. Vibrating space, moving space, allowing that movement to come in, to create more life, to create coherence—that’s harmony. Knowing that we are part of it; we’re contributing; it’s making more life for us. We’re in charge. We can do this. We don’t need something out there to help us. We’ve got this within. And here’s another example of that. Yeah, beautiful.

So just to recap, we learned about some unifying physics, which tells us everything is connected by one energy— this Fundamental Field energy. It’s in continual vibration. It’s inside of us; it’s what makes everything. And when we have a resonance, where these frequencies come together, and they are the same—they’re matched up—now we can end up getting solids. We get matter from this energy. That’s how it all works. From the smallest protons all the way out to the universe, it’s the same. And it explains electricity, and magnetism, and gravity and all of that. It’s all the same. Anytime you have a difference between two places, you’re going to get a bit of energy movement, and so that is what is doing all of this for us. Finding the space inside of us; bringing awareness to that space, allows for creation to occur. We’re making life—more life for ourselves. We’re the ones doing that. This brings us to our natural state of bliss; turns the brain waves into easeful fluctuations that allow us to feel that feeling.

I would love to hear from anyone here in the chat what that experience was like for you, if you’d care to share. I am so pleased to hear what happens for you—what happened in this particular meditation. As I’m waiting for people to respond, you may not feel like it, because you’re in the bliss state so I get that. Let’s see what we’ve got here. Somebody did respond, “Peaceful and connected to how I feel.” Yeah. Thank you, Kathleen. Yeah, it’s really nice. When we remember we have this power to—doesn’t matter what’s happening around us; it doesn’t matter what is occurring; it doesn’t matter what happened; or what will maybe happen—what matters is what is going on right now and can you do something about it? And the answer is yes, yes. Yeah, we can. Thanks for sharing that.

Alright. Well, I think that’s what we have for today. Thank you so much for being here. I really do appreciate it. My desire and my passion is to share this widely, so if you know someone that can benefit from this kind of information, please do share these videos with them. And if you subscribe to the channel, you will get notifications of when we do these. And they are happening every Sunday in my intention. Although there is one weekend coming up in February—February 4th, I believe .February, yes, February 4th I will not be doing the podcast because I happen to be part of a weekend-long workshop with Jean Houston. So I’m very delighted to be doing that. Unfortunately I won’t be doing the podcast that week. OK so now what we’ll do is our Three Bells and sign off. And I will see you next week. Thank you again so much for being here. And this has been Move Into Coherence. I’m Pamela Stokes. Take it easy. And now we’ll do our Three bells. See you next time.

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