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Hello! And welcome to Move Into Coherence. I’m your host, Pamela Stokes. in today’s episode we’re going to be doing an EFT Tapping script called Saying No. The reason why I brought this up today is because there may be some times that we want to say no but have been convinced that saying yes is the right thing. Or we want to keep people calm so we say yes instead of no. So this could be applicable to your life in many different aspects—it could be in your relationship; it could be having to deal with health issues or decisions that you have to make about your health; or maybe even a strong food craving impulse. Any of those situations, this script can be very helpful. So let’s get into it!

We’re going to hold ourselves on an acupoint, and this could be very simply underneath your collarbones. So if you spread your hand open and place the thumb underneath one collarbone and the fingers underneath the other and just hold yourself gently there on your chest, that’s a really great place to make contact.


Begin by thinking of a situation where you felt compelled to say yes, even though you wanted to say no, and notice what you feel, and give that a rating of zero to 10 of how strong that feels.

And then we’ll take three calming breaths, through the nose and deep into the lungs—inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, and exhale. And then go ahead and place your hand on your chest in the way that I described, and repeat after me:

Even though I felt that I had to say yes when I wanted to say no, I choose to love myself and accept how I feel.

Even though I felt that I had to say yes when I wanted to say no, I choose to honor myself and accept how I feel.

Even though I felt that I had to say yes when I wanted to say no, I choose to love myself and accept how I feel.

I had to say yes

I couldn’t say no

I wanted to say no

I needed to say no

But I had to say yes

I was stuck

I couldn’t say no

I had to say yes

Thinking about this, I feel so overwhelmed

I couldn’t say no even though I needed to

So much overwhelm

So overwhelmed about having to say yes

Sometimes I want to say no

But I have to say yes

All this overwhelm

All this overwhelm about having to say yes

I can feel it now

And let’s pause here and take a breath in through the nose, and then a slow exhale with the mouth closed—a Sigh of Relief. Mmmmmmm. And we’ll continue, repeating after me:

I have to say yes

But I want to say no

All this resistance to saying no

All this obligation around saying yes

Saying no feels impossible

Saying no feels dangerous

I have to say yes

I can’t say no

I want to say no

I need to say no

But I have to say yes

Saying no feels too hard

Saying no feels too dangerous

I have to say yes

I usually say yes

They expect me to say yes

Letting myself feel this tension around wanting to say no

Letting myself see that it’s time to say no more often

Even though it feels dangerous

I can learn to say no more often

I’m scared to say no

But I’m angry about saying yes so often

Letting myself feel all this tension now

It’s safe to feel it all

And I can let it go now

I can learn to set new boundaries

Sometimes I’ll need to say no

I can do it calmly

I can say no graciously

But still say no

I can’t make anyone else happy

I can be me

I can trust that it’s okay to say no

I can take a little more time for myself

And know that it’s the best thing to do

It’s safe to take care of myself

To take time when I need it

And enjoy every second

I don’t have to please everyone

I can make decisions that work for me

I can say no when I need to

And saying no more often tastes sweeter

It’s a process

I can release this resistance now

Letting myself soften and feel calm now

Letting myself feel safe saying no

I can feel peace

And trust that I can change this


And let’s take a nice deep breath here, again through the nose deep into the lungs, and a Sigh of Relief. Mmmmmmmmmm. And now check into how you feel when you think about making the choice to say no. Maybe the rating has changed? Continue as needed. Thank you.

Today’s episode was about finding ways to feel easy about saying no. And, again, this can be in relationship to the parts of your life where you have to make tough decisions sometimes—in your relationships, in your healthcare, your food choices, et cetera. When we get used to saying no and feeling comfortable with that no, it gets easier. Thanks for joining in today, and send yourself some appreciation for doing so. This has been Move Into Coherence. I’m Pamela Stokes. Take it easy. ☺️

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