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Hello, friends! And welcome to Move Into Coherence. I’m Pamela Stokes. In today’s episode we will be learning about viruses and what they can and cannot do. And we’ll be doing an EFT tapping script to help us to clear the way, and to find our freedom. and know that our body knows how to heal itself. So let’s get into it. I’d like to start out right away by telling you there are many, many resources for this information. And I will be listing these in the show notes so that you have access to all the different websites and films that have been made, so that you can understand this. One of the major contributions is from Dr. Mark Bailey, who is the husband of Dr. Sam Bailey at And he has written a paper called “A Farewell to Virology.” Right now there is a film that was made, and you can find it on odysee. “A Farewell to Virology, Part 1 is up right now, and Parts 2 and 3 will be coming. I would suggest strongly that you check that out.

So we are talking about SARS CoV2, which is actually a virtual virus–it’s only been found in silico, which means in a computer. And the reason why it is only in silico is that they’ve never actually found a physical particle called SARS CoV2. They were basing the information on a genetic sequence that was made by aligning very, very small pieces of genetic material together. And they were looking for a particular genetic sequence based on the original SARS, which was also in silico, so virtual viruses. Now, when we are going back in the history of viruses, they were looking for things that would make people sick, and if they could not find a bacterium in a microscope, they decided that instead it must be smaller than that and not visible in the microscope. And they gave it the name virus, which in Latin means “a poison, a slime, or venom”. And this was just the label that they gave it. They didn’t even know that there was a particle—they weren’t looking for particles, because they were too small.

Now we can go back in history even before that when vaccines were first developed. This was based on the idea that exposure to something would make it then preventable. Now this could be true, for example, for alcohol. If you drink alcohol frequently, your body will make enzymes to help you remove that from your body. So that makes sense with alcohol, but that’s because there’s an enzyme there that can do that. But this has not been shown to be the case for viruses or anything else that could be considered to be something preventable. There was a man named Jenner, who was not a doctor. Actually I read a lot about him, and the time that he was alive in the 1700’s, you could actually purchase a medical degree. So he did do that. And he was the person that has been given credit for developing vaccines. And I just want to give you a tiny history of that. At first he (Jenner) thought it was ridiculous that cowpox—the exposure to cowpox—would lead to prevention of smallpox,  but he changed his mind and started seeing if people would be positively affected by doing this process. And the process was to cut open a wound that was on a person that had some pus. that they called a smallpox or a pox. And taking some of that pus and then cutting open another person’s skin and putting that pus in there. And the way that we get the term “vaccine” is there were some people who said that the maidens who were milking the cows were not getting smallpox. But this was not always true, and at first he didn’t believe that. He thought it was ridiculous, but he went ahead and tried it anyway, and took some of the pus from the cowpox on the cow and then transferred that pus to a human and said now you’re vaccinated, because the word “vaccine” comes from the word for cow—the Latin word for cow is “vacca”. They would use the pus from a cowpox sore and put it into a cut and said that that was a preventative for smallpox. But this didn’t work. In fact, a lot of people got sick and died. And then he thought well, maybe it was from the horses. And so then sometimes he would use horse material or cow material. He’d go from a horse to a cow to a person or from a cow to a person to a person, and this was the process for a long time. And he didn’t really stand up for himself ,and kind of hid away in his house, and was not very healthy. There were people who said this isn’t working, and so they refuted it. They wanted to go against it, and there were laws that were passed that made it mandatory and so forth. It was a big mess back in the 1800’s, but there was one community in the UK—I hope I’m getting the pronunciation right—Leicester is the name of the place. And they banned vaccines. And people did not die in mass numbers, so obviously that was a good statement against the use of vaccines. There is a doctor named Dr. Paul Thomas who did a retrospective study of his patients over 10 years. And he looked at every category of health and compared his patients who were vaccinated compared to the non-vaccinated. And in every category the non-vaccinated patients were much healthier.

Where do we get all this virus stuff anyway? So that’s the little story about vaccines. Where do we get the virus information? Well, since it was too small to see in the microscope, they just assumed that it was there—that there was something there. And there was a man named John Enders, who actually ended up winning a Nobel Prize, who said well we can’t find viruses straight out of a person, even if we took a whole bunch of the goo and the snot and things from a person, we couldn’t find these viruses; that there weren’t enough. And so he developed a technique wherein he took some of the sample from a person a sick person and then used different cell cultures to try to create more of this virus. And the process of doing that was that he would take this sample and put it in with what they used were monkey kidney cells not human cells, which I find interesting. But they would use these monkey kidney cells and they would add in things like different kinds of antibiotics and antifungals and a protein-digesting enzyme called trypsin. They also added cow fetus cells to keep the cell culture alive longer. And then when they looked at the mixture over time, they would find that the cells broke down and released small particles, or opened up and released these small particles, which they were saying were the viruses. Now if you want to get the term defined, “isolation” means taking something and separating it from everything else, but in the terms that they were using “isolation”, they were saying it was this sample taken from a person and then put into a cell culture. And they called that “isolation”. So redefining the term isolation was kind of a messy way to do this, but that nevertheless was what they did. And the other aspect of the work that virologists do is they don’t do any controls. And in the scientific method, –which I have a degree in biology, and this is one of the things we learn. And, in fact, I was a science teacher for a long time, and I taught the scientific method, which is you observe something in nature; you make a hypothesis; and then you test it. And in that test you would set up what are called controls, so that you know that the thing you’re looking for is the only thing that’s possible. And in the cell cultures that they make in virology, they do not do controls. In other words, they could make a cell culture without any of the human sample to see if the cells would break down—the cytopathic effect they call it. And recently though in 2021, Dr. Stefan Lanka was able to get this control done and actually show that the cytopathic effect, or the cell breakdown, actually did occur, even without any human sample from a sick person. So in that there was validation that the procedure of putting the sample into cells and adding all of the different things—antibiotics and so forth—that the cytopathic effect happened anyway, even without any kind of virus present. Given all of that, we can say pretty conclusively that the methodologies that were used and have been used are really not finding a particular particle that is able to replicate and make more of itself and to make anybody sick.

As far as the testing for contagion, this is the piece that I feel is actually even more important than the other parts, because if you can’t make a person sick from another person then we’re really not even talking about anything being there that is passable—transmissible—that we could get that to go from one person to another. So that has never been done with any virus, because, first of all, they haven’t been able to say this sample of a person that’s sick has these particular particles. And that these particles have then moved to another person and made them sick as well—that’s never been proven; it’s never been shown to be the case in any test that has ever been run, including things that we are commonly told are very deadly and highly contagious, such as polio, measles, smallpox, ebola, HIV. None of those have been shown to be contagious. And also including rabies, which goes way back to Pasteur in the 1800’s. So with that information, we know first of all that a sick person does not have these small particles in them that are making them sick. We also know that these small particles are not being passed from one person to another, or even from an animal to an animal in the case of rabies, or from a person to an animal, or an animal to a person, or a plant to a plant. None of it has been shown to be the case. And knowing that, and like I said at the beginning, you’ll see if you watch any of the films or read any of the publications of these people that I’ll be listing in the show notes, if you watch this and read these things, you’ll understand even more clearly and more thoroughly that contagion has never been proven for viruses. Viruses themselves have never been shown to exist, and the most recent virus that we are all being told that we need to mask and to social distance, and to lock down, and to get a vaccine for, that virus itself has no physical reality. It’s just a virtual virus, an in silico virus. It’s just in a computer. Given all of that, and knowing all of this, for me has been very freeing, because it helps me to understand that I am not going to get sick from you and I’m not going to make you sick, and that’s a very big relief in my way of looking at life. I understand that our body is capable of dealing with toxins in the environment and maybe if we eat something that’s not good for us, you know, junk food and so forth, that our body can handle it pretty well. It does pretty well. But if we have an overload of toxins (and I’ll be doing more on toxins soon—in fact very soon—because I think this is pretty important part of our new world). The way that our agricultural use of pesticides—my father was a pesticide developer actually, and then turned around at the end of his life and was an expert witness to help people get compensation for their injuries from pesticides, so full circle. And I’m glad he did that. But, knowing that there are toxins all around us, helps me to feel empowered to keep my body healthy, to eat good food, to get out in the sunshine, and to get my feet on the ground barefoot so that I’m getting energized, and breathing through the nose, and sleeping in the darkness. All kinds of things that can help ourselves be well. And we’ve done Heart Coherence on this podcast several times. Heart Coherence is one of those things that almost instantly sends our body into a state of what’s called homeostasis, which is a balance. And allows ourselves to feel the effects of the coherent waves between the heart and the brain, so that our body goes into this state of homeostasis. So all of those things together empower us to take care of ourselves and know that our body’s on our side, it’s on our team. It’s not trying to fight against us. And then also that we are perfectly safe being in the presence of another person, and that we do not transmit disease to each other. This is a lot of information. It’s a lot of challenging information. I remember when I learned this a few years ago, that I had to sit there and say to myself wow, you know I learned a lot of biology, and I taught biology, and I’m actually learning that a lot of what I was taught was not true. So this is a very challenging part of the information coming in, and what it creates is a great fear in our bodies—a response as if we are being traumatized. I’m not intending to bring this response into your body, so what I’d like to do instead is to do a Tapping script, which allows you to have a calm nervous system while these new bits of information are coming in.

So we’ll be doing an EFT Tapping script to help us to understand and to feel more confident that our body’s on our team; we are safe from ourselves, from each other, from viruses. They are not a danger to us. So let’s begin with the EFT Tapping. With the EFT Tapping, we can use the standard tapping points which we’ve gone over and learned in previous episodes. In the Depression episode, for example, Part 1, you can do all of the tapping points in that. And you could follow along with that one or you could just simply—and I like doing it this way often—is to simply place your open hand on your chest so that your thumb is underneath one collarbone and your fingers are underneath the other collarbone. That would be an easy way to calm your nervous system at the same time that this information is coming in.

Before we begin the script, I would like to have us please take three calming breaths, through the nose and deep into the lungs. So let’s begin:  inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, and exhale. And go ahead and place your hand on your chest so that your thumb is underneath one collarbone and your fingers are underneath the other collarbone. And repeat after me:

Even though we’ve been told that viruses exist and make plants, animals, and humans sick, there is no proof they do, and I accept myself and how I feel.

Even though we’ve been told that viruses exist and can be transmitted to others and make them sick, there is no proof they do, and I accept myself and how I feel.

Even though we’ve been told that viruses exist and make plants, animals, and humans sick and are contagious, there is no proof they do, and I accept myself and how I feel.

Viruses feel scary

I’ve learned I can catch them

And they can make me sick

I learned I can pass them to others

And make others sick

I’ve learned viruses are actual things

Proven by scientific methods

But the methods are weak and faulty

And actually fraudulent

How do we know viruses make us sick?

It’s never been proven

How do we know we can pass them on to others

And make them sick

Neither has been proven


Not once

Sick people do not make healthy people sick

Sometimes we get symptoms at the same time

But this is not proof of contagion

When people are exposed to toxic chemicals

Some get similar symptoms

But others do not

When our environment contains harmful radiation

Such as 5G microwaves

Our bodies attempt to heal

And we can have similar symptoms

Our bodies are ever-seeking optimal health

Our bodies help us

By creating more life

And let’s take a breath here, through the nose and deep into the lungs:  inhale and exhale. And let’s continue, repeating after me:

The so-called immune system may make proteins

We call anti-bodies

But anti-bodies are not specific for one thing

Some who have anti-bodies are perfectly healthy

And some who have symptoms do not have anti-bodies

Viruses are not attacking me

There is nothing to fight

We could rename our immune system

And instead call it a healing and cleansing system

We also learned that vaccines prevent viruses

But this has never been proven


Not once

If there are no viruses that can make us ill

No vaccines are needed

Vaccines are only poison

They do not prevent illness

They only harm

And, with no proof of contagion,

There’s no need for masks

There’s no need for social distancing

There’s no need for tests

And let’s take a pause here, and we’ll do a Sigh of Relief:  small breath in through the nose, larger breath in and then with mouth closed, mmmmm. And will continue on. Repeat after me:

This is all so new

I’m surprised by this new information

It feels so weird

We’ve been told something is true

That’s never been proven to be

It feels like we’ve been lied to


That feels unfair

If I cannot trust the science

I suppose it’s time to trust my body

I begin to feel the shift

My body is on my side

It’s helping me to adapt to my environment

As long as I befriend my body

And support it

It does everything I need to be well

I support my body by eating healthy food

By standing barefoot on the ground daily

By getting sunshine on my skin daily

And by drinking pure clean water

I energize by body by doing these things

I move with ease and comfort

And breathe through my nose

I sleep in darkness

And find inner peace

I practice Heart-Brain Coherence regularly

I resolve my traumas

And let go of the past

I allow myself to receive the life-regenerating sensations

Of my positive experiences and thoughts

I am in charge of how I feel

I am grateful

As I move forward in my life

I allow in these new truths

I feel safe knowing these things

I feel relief knowing I cannot make others ill

I am in charge of my health and well-being

I feel empowered by that

I support my body

And it supports me

I appreciate my body

And I am grateful

That it knows how to thrive

And how to create more life

Thank you, body

Thank you, life

And now, to sort of lock this in place with the subconscious mind, let’s just do a very brief Heart Coherence:  so bringing your awareness to your heart, and allowing your breath to slow down and get a little deeper and slower than usual maybe five or six seconds in and five or six seconds out. And then we’ll allow ourselves to imagine that we are allowing this breath to go in and out through the heart. (Continue for 5 full breath cycles). Thank you for joining in today.

What we learned today:  some big information that viruses are something that has never been shown to actually exist in nature, and that we cannot make, they do not make us sick and that we cannot make others sick from our contagion. There are things that can make us ill, and you heard in the script that I mentioned a few toxins and radiation. Also our thoughts and emotions can contribute to ill health. And, in fact, the Mayo Clinic, which is considered to be one of the top medical institutions, says that 85%,approximately 85%, of all illness comes from emotional upset. So using the things that you have learned in these podcast episodes—there are many. I did a series on Anxiety. I did a series on Depression very recently. But other emotions can get in the way:  grief, and loneliness, and feeling like we’re not enough. And maybe just the pressure of trying to be the best that you can be in a world that is kind of mixed up. There’s some real issues out there, where there are people who are afraid that there are too many of us, and they’re afraid of losing power. And so all of that is happening as well, which can be quite upsetting. But knowing that we are powerful because there’s a spark inside of us. And each person has their own spark. It’s individualized. It’s a particular frequency that says that’s you. And you’re the only one that has it. And the way I see it is that what’s important is for us to let our spark be as bright as we can. I have a previous episode called Being the Brightest Light, and I really feel energized when I do that one. You might wanna check that one out. We need you here to be your brightest—to be your most energized—because that contributes to the entire Field. And this is how we make our world peaceful, harmonious, connected. This is how we as a group, but a group of individuals, combine and really show our strength and our power. I’m really glad that you’re here, and that you’re joining in, and contributing to the Field. I like what Rollin McCrady from Heart Math Institute calls it is “feeding the field” What are you feeding the field? So rather than feeding the field fear and worry, and wondering if you’re gonna get sick or you make somebody else sick, we can just let that one go. That’s a big one. Thank you for joining in today, and please send yourself some appreciation for doing so. This has been Move Into Coherence. I’m Pamela Stokes. Take it easy. ☺️

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